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The 10 Best Graphic Designers & Creatives from Argentina

At Shillington, we love to explore and celebrate great design from around the world. We’ve covered the work of many creatives, from freelance designers to animation studios, in many different countries so far and now we’ve set our sights on Argentina. The eighth largest country in the world may be known for some of their more famous exports, the Tango, Latin music, Argentine beef and Lionel Messi, but there’s also loads of incredible creatives working in Buenos Aires and beyond.

We whittled down our list of Argentine creatives to our ten best. The list features animation, illustration, branding, painting and so much more. Read on to see who made the list!

1. Hola Bosque

Hola Bosque is an illustration and design studio that was founded in 2008 by four designers. Based in Argentina’s capital and cultural hub, Buenos Aires, Hola Bosque’s illustrations are all kinds of cute, quirky and colourful and are absolutely packed with character. This can be seen instantly in the project they art directed for Empower’s rap video for The City That Sleeps—which celebrates the culture of Cincinnati, Ohio.

2. Alan Berry Rhys

A graphic artist, illustrator and graphic design professor, Alan Berry Rhys has been a favourite at Shillington for a while now. His vintage-inspired artworks instantly take you to the beach—with a piña colada in hand. Berry Rhys has worked for a large roster of corporate clients, including Vans, KFC, 7Up and Kraken rum but it’s personal work that is the true feast for the eyes—we love his imaginary packaging for the national drink of Argentina, Yerba Mate.

3. Place

Place are a character-based design studio—and it’s pretty hard not to fall in love with some of the characters they’ve created, for both clients and themselves. They designed some of these loveable characters for Scouts last year, which were brought to life in their Skills for Life video and across some printer material to help show the benefits of scouting to children. Place’s designs are fun, vibrant and perfect for the audience.

4. Twentyfive

Working out of Buenos Aires, Twentyfive is a branding agency founded by their creative director Ariel Di Lisio. Ariel’s studio prides itself on its strategic thinking, visionary ideas and its vast collection of avant-garde and cutting edge communications tactics. We’re big fans of their achingly cool editorial design and custom typeface for Sens Art—a platform for artistic experimentation run by ATV Architects in their home city.

5. POGO Creative Co.

Also based in Argentina’s capital, POGO Creative Co. is a multi-disciplinary creative studio and production house that creates brands which define the regional cultural scene. Since the festival started in 2014, they have been creating the creative direction, art and communication for Lollapalooza Argentina. Every year, their branding completely captures the festival’s atmosphere—and creates super Instagrammable artwork for the festival-goers to pose in front of.

6. Hueso

Hueso (which means ‘Bone’ in English) is a studio that specialises in both design and animation. They believe that good work comes from a combination of passion, intelligence and commitment. We love their identity for Tronco, an Argentinian production company—we liked the way that the logomark can be rolled out across different identities but remain consistent and instantly recognisable.

7. Empatia

Empatia are a proudly Argentinian design studio, who are inspired by the energy and diversity of Latin America and its values. They bring this Latin American pride to projects all over the world, from Japan to Tokyo. Though, we had to choose their packaging for El Aristo, a tea company based in Jujuy, in Argentina’s remote northwest, as a favourite project of theirs. They use bright colours and a smart serif typeface, to create packaging that is both very modern and very Argentinian.

8. Asís

Asís specialises in branding, through exploration and experimentation. It was founded by art director Francisco Andriani and creative director Clara Fernández, who studied together at The University of Buenos Aires. We loved their branding for La Tanière, a mountain restaurant a long way from Argentina, in Saint Gervais, France. The identity perfectly reflects the restaurant’s alpine location—with a monochromatic colour palette reflecting a winter landscape and typography inspired by vintage Art Deco posters that promoted skiing in the area in the early 20th Century.

9. Un Barco

Founded by Josefina Hernalz Boland and Tomás Fernandez Treviño in 2014, Un Barco is a creative studio based in the city, La Planta. They believe in using simple and diret language to create fresh brands. Their packaging for Maria Picci’s brooch is inspired by La Planta, the beauty of its proportions and its famous linden trees. In both La Planta and the packaging, geometric designs and organic forms coexist in perfect harmony.

10. Sofia Noceti

Sofia Noceti is a freelance designer, illustrator, art director and printmaker. Also based in Buenos Aires, she has designed and illustrated for clients all over the world from sunglass packaging in Denmark to hotel branding in Miami. She’s also known for her beautiful pattern design, such as these gorgeous prints for plant pots for Balcón, a boutique plant shop in her hometown. The illustrated patterns take inspiration from nature and the very plants that will fill them.

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