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The 10 Best Graphic Designers & Creatives from Italy

At Shillington, we’re proud to teach design students from 60+ countries at our home campuses in Australia, America and the United Kingdom. Both in the classroom and on the blog, we make sure to celebrate creatives from around the world, because it’s invaluable for young designers to research and be inspired by many different creative scenes—not just their own backyard.

So far, we’ve rounded up our favourite creatives in Spain, Brazil and Ireland too. Who’s up next? Italy!

You can’t get much slicker than the Italians. Pizza, fashion, culture, breathtaking landscapes and sports cars—they’ve nailed the lot. Well guess what? They’re pretty awesome at graphic design too and to celebrate we’ve selected our 10 favourite Italian creatives. From Branding to Illustration there’s something for everyone in this inspiring round up. We look at the exceptional animation by Illo, seriously cool typography from Artiva Design and drool over just about everything from Le Tigre

1. Bocanegra

Getting creative for both small and large agencies Boceanegra have some seriously beautiful work in their portfolio. Their identity for ‘Arts On The Black River‘ caught our attention with its warming colour palette and image treatments. As did their illustrative branding for ‘May Traditions‘—where can we buy that bottle of wine?!

2. Atelier790

Hands up who wants to get their paws on this preservative packaging? Atelier 790 are an agency known for their impeccable packaging, from alcoholic beverages to baked goods they’ve done it all.

3. La Tigre

Le Tigre’s
portfolio oozes cool sophistication. A multidisciplinary studio who ’employ a bespoke method for every single project’ their work ranges from catalogue design such as
Roda to the branding of independent cinema Beltrade as well as finding the time to sell prints from their online shop. Talk about allrounders. 

4. Studio Mut

Based in South Tyrol Studio Mut have some seriously inspiring work. We’re big fans of their ‘Brick Pattern Catalogue’ for Lottozero Textile Lab. Be sure to follow them on Instagram to keep up with all the graphic design goodness.

5. Happycentro

Happycentro are a small studio with a heaps of talent. Perhaps known most for their work with Italian fashion brand Fendi for which they got out some serious crafting skills. Watch this video for a behind the scenes peek at their work for #FendiLoves capsule collection to celebrate Valentine’s day.

6. Artiva Design

Time for some typography, and who better to go to than Artiva Design. Known for their black & white aesthetic they’ve designed numerous typefaces alongside other branding and print based jobs. We’re particular fans of Volkart.

7. Studio Ianus

Formed in Milan by creatives Stefano Agabio and Stefano Pietramala, Studio Ianus is a studio specialising in Illustration and animation for art direction, branding, packaging, editorial and advertising. It’s hard to pick a stand-out project from their archive but we couldn’t look past this branding job for ‘Pasta Fresca Brambilla‘.

8. Undesign

Working with both Italian and global brands Undesign leave no design stone unturned. Their branding for Italian soft drink J.Gasco caught our eye for it’s spin on the traditional style of beverage branding. The heritage style typography works perfectly with a playful twist in the form of some man/bird illustrations.

9. Luca Barcelona

Working solo with a name which might suggest he’s Spanish rather than Italian—Luca Barcelona is certainly one to watch. Hitting the big time with his work for Absolut Vodka his incredible typography can be appreciated whether it’s enhancing a brand or simply adorning a piece of paper.

10. Illo


Who doesn’t appreciate some playful illustration? Illo aren’t only known for their illustration and animation skills. They’re also top notch UX/UI designers, with a number of intriguing app designs under their belt.

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