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18 Creative Christmas Gifts For The Designer In Your Life

Know a creative person? Or are you one yourself? Here’s Shillington’s best curation of items that any designer would love to have, gift, or put down on their Christmas list. From practical to purely decorative—there’s something to delight even the fussiest of aesthetic sensibilities!

1. Wow Mountain

Mini sculpture. Meets evergreen house plant. Meets futuristic technology. If you’ve always wanted to gift a bunch of flowers, but hate the fact that they eventually wither and perish—these slow-made 3D printed wow flowers, from small business Wow Mountain really hit the brief. Plus, they’re made of bio-degradable plant-based plastic!

2. Hay Shop Desk Crate

For people who enjoy unconventional storage, but in a variety of pretty pastels, why not check out these desk-friendly crates from Hay Shop. Soft pink, ice blue, light gray, terracotta—you can gift this aesthetic vessel, perfect for stationery and knick-knacks alike.

3. Concrete Playground Prints

A passion project and declaration of love to urban concrete spaces from Studio Neubau. These prints highlight the serendipitous moment when light touches the surface of concrete in just the right way. These made-to-order prints are the perfect addition to add symmetry and minimalist flair to any space.

4. Studio Arhoj Blob

Nothing brings the creative mind more joy than pushing boundaries and granting sentience to inanimate objects. Studio Arhoj has done just that, with their glass blown and kiln-fired range of amorphous blobs. An endless section of unique and adorable desk/studio buddies to kickstart your inner blob collector.

5. Lego Bonsai

For the plant lover who struggles to sustain green life. Bring balance and nature into your world with this Lego Bonsai. If you enjoy assembling and customizing tiny bricks into intricate creations—this may be perfect for you.

6. Slowdown Studio—Alessi Throw

A fantastic online shop for all things design-y. From mirrors, clothing, and puzzles—they’ve got the coolest everyday objects for your consumption! We’re particularly loving this Alessi throw, designed by Sydney-based Swedish illustrator Micke Lindebergh, who’s known for his colorful and playful abstract designs. Perfect for snuggling up in the colder months!

7. Wireless Wacom

Gone are the days to link up your tablet with multiple wires to your laptop or desktop. Enter the future! If you know someone looking to invest in a great piece of design aiding technology—the Wacom Intuos with Bluetooth is the go-to wireless desk buddy.

8. Double Planter Swing

Ever wanted to give potted plants a new lease on life? Give them some leisure time and take them to the park with this adorable double planter swing from Ohio Workshop on Etsy. The two green buddies will enjoy countless hours of fun, and their owner will enjoy their newfound sentience.

9. Frank Green Personalised Drink Bottle

Know someone who likes to hydrate in style? Then you can’t go wrong with a Frank Green drink bottle. With its sleek cylindrical design and fun pastel and poppy colorway combos—the option to add up to 6 letters and a heart emoji with personalized monogramming really takes the cake this Christmas!

10. Fazeek Two Wave Glasses

Rippled, eye-catching and perfect for serving your favorite beverages in style. And if you’re not game enough to get around the rippled rims, they also double as cute tiny vases—for a lonely flower or two.

11. Pantone Postcards

If you know someone whose jam is collecting paint cards from your local hardware store in all the colors of the rainbow (for the sole purpose of admiring the array of pretty shades). Then maybe it’s time to elevate the experience—with this set of 100 Pantone postcards, packaged up in a decorative box.

12. Chilly Bin Esky

An essential for bougie picnics and outdoor adventures, this practical yet stylish summer companion comes in Sage and Lilac—two gorgeous colorways. Both options are sure to delight the artistic sensibilities of even the pickiest aesthete.

13. Playtype Prints

Starting at only €10, there’s an option to meet every budget. Playtype delivers a wide range of stationary, mugs and posters in all colours of the rainbow. There’s bound to be a print for whomever you’re shopping for. Not to mention, if you’re looking for a two-in-one you can pick up frames as well for an affordable price!

14. Block Shop Textiles—Block Printing Kit

Started by sisters Hopie and Lily, with the goal of supporting the Rajasthani hand block printing tradition. They run a multigenerational studio, dedicated to the craft of handmade textile production. Why not pick up one of their Block Printing Kits to experience firsthand what it’s like to dip into the craft.

15. FROM Book Series

A celebration of graphic design from around the world. Grab this curation of global creativity with the FROM Book Set. Japan, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Switzerland and South Korea—the inspiration is endless.

16. Ottolenghi Test Kitchen: Shelf Love

As much as design feeds the soul, designers live a busy life and need something to feed their tummies as well. Nurture yourself inside and out with the latest cookbook from Yottam Ottolenghi. With a deliciously aesthetic cover, it’ll be sure to capture all facets of your inner creative!

17. Clay Thinker Desk Cat

Every designer has their muse. And if you know someone whose muse happens to be their best friend in the form of a cat, then look no further than this adorable desk buddy. For those times where your job requires you to come into the office—you may be missing your furry friend at home. Keep company with this adorable cat figurine, someone to existentially ponder the meaning of life with you even on the least inspirational of days.

18. Studio Shimo Print

Love to gift a gentle and positive approach to design and living? That’s the motto of London-based textile and design studio—Studio Shimo. Founded by graphic designer Juliette Van Rhyn, the pieces are inspired by a long walk through Tokyo’s Shimokitazawa neighbourhood in 2019. Inspired by feelings of warmth and nostalgia in the vintage shops and record cafes—pick up one of her prints to add a touch of peace and calm to any room.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!


Eden Lim
December 9, 2021

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