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2 Shillington Students Named GDUSA Students to Watch 2021

Congratulations to New York graduates Liam Speranza and Nneka Njoku for the GDUSA Students to Watch in 2021 feature! We are so proud when the work of our students gets recognized by the design industry. 

Liam Speranza

“Liam Speranza is a multidisciplinary designer living and working in New York City. Before becoming a designer, they studied biochemistry and worked in science as a teacher, researcher, public health advocate and science communicator. They work in science continues to influence their design processes. They are passionate about the ways artistic and scientific methods interact and they aim to use creative and analytics processes to develop design solutions that spark positive sustainable change. After graduating from Shillington School of Design in 2020, they worked with creative studios, editorial publications, start-ups and research firms. When not designing, you can find them on a long run, pretending to be a photographer with their iPhone camera and studying French for the twentieth time.”

Read Liam’s GDUSA’s Students to Watch 2021 profile and check out their website.

Nneka Njoku

“Nneka Njoku is a multi-disciplinary artist. Born in Nigeria, and based in New York City by way of Trinidad, Scotland and Minnesota, she cares about culture-informed design and research. Her seven years of international and local nonprofit and business communications experience has only enhanced her passion for exploring the beauty of life beyond the surface. Nneka creates in order to connect the realms of mind, spirit, and emotion with a mission to stay curious, empower and spark remembrance, healing and introspection.”

Read Nneka’s GDUSA’s Students to Watch 2021 profile and check out her website.

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