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20 Shillington Winners of the 2021 Indigo Awards

The Indigo Design Awards started with the goal of promoting creativity and discovering projects from around the world that are unique and inspired in graphic design, digital, mobile and game design. This year, 16 Shillington graduates and 4 teachers got awards for their projects!

Read on to find out about the winning projects from Eva Van der Borght, Marielle Rousseau, Sophie Protheroe, Shannel Lee, Tamzin Cheyne, Vanessa Castiglione, Katherine Paterson, Steph Clarke, Ankana Chrisanti, Mariana Rincon, Joyce Chao, Jade Loh, Emily Chi, Cait Dorombozo, Jason Fidel, Tania SheikhMissy Dempsey, Annette Dennis, Jimmy Muldoon and Shanti Sparrow.

This year, Shillington also won a Graphic Design of the Year 2021 Award for The Guide, our online graphic design handbook, led by an in-house design team Shanti Sparrow, Anthony Wood and Emily Comfort, in collaboration with our digital partner Standing By.

Eva Van der Borght, Shillington Graduate

Liquid Lab, Silver in Beverages, Fruit Juice 2021

“A full brand identity and packaging design for LiquidLab. Liquid Lab is a boutique cold press juice bar, that’s trying to stand out in a saturated market through the quality of its product and importantly a vibrant and authentic image to go with it. The patterns and colors used across the packaging and branding represent the vibrant textures and colors of fruit and vegetables.”

Eva Van der Borght, Shillington Graduate

BelCham—Centennial history book, Silver in Book Design 2021

“To commemorate 100 years of transatlantic business with lots of ups and downs and changes at the Chamber, it was decided to create a historical commemorative book for guests of the Centennial event, to take home as a token of appreciation and as a piece of history. After months of going through the BelCham archives, located at the NYC public Library, a comprehensive history was written, accompanied by images and overlapping illustrations, creating dynamism in the book and leading the reader through BelCham’s history. A lovely concise history book to remember the past and celebrate the future of the Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce.”

Marielle Rousseau, Shillington Graduate

Sundays Coffee, Gold in Restaurants/Cafe 2021

“Inspired by the vibrant and community-focused café culture of Melbourne, Sundays Coffee was created to be the opposite of corporate chain coffee shops: friendly, familiar and personable. For this student brief, I created the branding and identity for this quirky new café. I wanted to create a vibe that was as familiar and fun as hanging out in your mother’s kitchen.”

Marielle Rousseau, Shillington Graduate

Anti–Isolation Arts Factory, Gold in Entertainment 2021

“From the countless theater artists—performers, directors, playwrights, designers, managers—who have been left unemployed, with no creative outlet, to the theater-going community, who miss engaging with new works—theater is a hole felt keenly by many right now. Built in late 2020 and launched in January 2021, the Anti–Isolation Arts Factory seeks to build a new theatrical experience. Bold, luscious colors engage and energize the senses. Fantastical illustrations provide a storybook-like escape into our monthly themes.”

Sophie Protheroe, Shillington Graduate

Capturing Communism, Gold in Branding 2021

“I undertook a brief to rebrand the Life under Communism museum in Warsaw. From my research I identified the target audience of this museum as individuals with interest in travel, history, art and politics. I decided that these are well educated people with a vast knowledge of global political ideologies throughout history. I wanted to create an identity for the museum that challenged their pre-existing knowledge that was full of mystery and intrigue to entice their curious minds (and maybe even try to prove them wrong).  The interaction of the graphic elements concealing some of the type also emphasises the idea that there has been a cover up. The repetition of the torn graphic elements has been used throughout the museum rollout.”

Sophie Protheroe, Shillington Graduate

Lucky Bean, Silver in Beverages, Coffee 2021

“Combat the woes of adulting with Lucky Bean, magic beans for adults. This student brief required me to design packaging for a boutique coffee product. I decided my target audience would be parents with young children because who needs coffee more than tired parents? Especially those who still feel like kids themselves. I created a back story for the brand that was inspired by fairytales, in particular Jack and the Beanstalk. This is in turn inspired the enchanted, childlike visual identity. I really wanted to push myself during this project, so I created my own typeface as well as illustrating all of the flourishes and beans for the packaging. I also loved playing with the tone of voice to really bring it all to life.”

Shannel Lee, Shillington Graduate

Rebrand of Museum of Torture, Gold in Branding 2021, Silver in Logos 2021

“The Museum of Torture in Amsterdam is home to some of humanity’s most bizarre and disturbing history. I was given a simple brief to rebrand the museum in such a way that would increase interest and visitor numbers. I used wonky shapes and lettering to represent the “guilt” (read imperfections) in us all and that unsettling feeling the subject brings. I wanted to stay away from the cliche black and red coloring and rather used a vibrant orange and murky blue paired with animation to keep things playful and make torture a bit of history that we can look back and laugh at, not just walk away feeling queasy.”

Vanessa Castiglione, Shillington Graduate

Artisans’ Assembly, Silver in Education 2021, Silver in Branding 2021

“Creativity lives at the Artisans’ Assembly. Developed around the idea that creativity can be sparked anywhere, this is the place for all to learn and create. The Artisans’ Assembly is a unique space for artists to develop skills and meet like-minded people. By taking the crafting process out of the home and the selling process offline, the Artisans’ Assembly provides a unique, fun opportunity for artists to develop skills. The branding identity is fun, approachable and active.”

Katherine Paterson, Shillington Graduate

Eos Skincare, Bronze in Branding 2021

“A skincare brand designed to keep up with the active lifestyle of female athletes. The name Eos is derived from the Greek goddess of dawn, representing all those early mornings dedicated to training. This brand takes the blue winners ribbon with its’ intention to make customers believe in their skincare like they believe in their cult classic activewear. The project is also heavily influenced by a very successful and empowering team player of mine at my dance club, she is the epitome of the values and drive that Eos skincare is designed to offer.”

Steph Clarke, Shillington Graduate

Space For: Co-working, Silver in Services 2021, Bronze in Branding 2021

“A new co-working space in Nottingham (UK) needed a brand identity that was just as ambitious as its members, but without the cliches of other co-working spaces. The brand concept was ‘making big things happen for small businesses’ and the look and feel of the visual identity needed to be flexible, ready for the space to expand to other cities.”

Ankana Chrisanti, Shillington Graduate

Invisible Cage, Silver in Book Design 2021

“This project was a cover redesign for the novel 1984. 1984 is a dystopian novel by George Orwell, a writer whose very name had become synonymous with cautionary tales of Government overreach and totalitarianism. The handmade object was created to represent the keynote of the story. The gloomy cityscape with it’s lone inhabitant is a take on the sense of isolation felt by the characters in the novel. The fish bowl portrays the feeling of suffocating limitations and imprisonment while also constantly being watched by a “bigger” presence. Every design decisions were carefully made to capture the essence, theme and atmosphere of the book. The photograph of the object being presented in a narrow, limited space in the middle also reflects restriction and limitation. While the text written all the way at the top gives a sense of being pushed to the very edge.”

Tamzin Cheyne, Shillington Graduate

Ethereal, Silver in Promotional Materials 2021, Silver in Branding 2021

“Having experience within the music industry already, the clients were looking at expanding their horizons and creating a brand new event from scratch. Being given full reign of this project I looked at a demographic of young professionals who are more interested in experiences rather than ‘things’. Through an extensive ideation process it became clear, the strongest concept was one of ETHEREAL. The word ethereal literally means “a way that seems not of this world”. That is what was created; an event that is beyond this world, for those who are consistently eager to chase the happiness the music brings them. Moon phases reinforced this concept, and the use of pinks and oranges represents the colours you see on those amazing summer nights as you enter the event; and with the event being so successful, hopefully they will be the colours you see as you make your way home in the morning.”

Tamzin Cheyne, Shillington Graduate

Plant Powered, Gold in Promotional Materials 2021, Silver in Illustration 2021, Silver in Book Design 2021

“Kindlife Movement hosted a health and lifestyle event in which they required a brochure and collateral. The natural, calming colour palette, and bespoke typeface shows a clear representation of the nature of this event. Using hand drawn imagery and a simple sans-serif font, the viewers senses are flooded with the notion that the event will be down to earth, inclusive and organic.”

Mariana Rincon, Shillington Graduate

Bigger Pockets Bigger Pay, Gold in Integrated Graphic Design 2021, Silver in Promotional materials for Social Change 2021, Silver in Promotional Materials 2021

“Levi’s campaign fighting for gender equality. The campaign aims to raise awareness of gender-based pay discrimination through Levi’s iconic jeans pocket.”

Mariana Rincon, Shillington Graduate

Figures, Gold in Technology 2021, Gold in Digital Design 2021, Silver in Integrated Graphic Design 2021, Bronze in UX, Interface & Navigation 2021, Bronze in Branding 2021

“Brand identity for a new and improved cloud-based point of sale and accounting system: Figures, the new tech startup on the block. Accounting can be frustratingly unintuitive and tedious. Figures aims to provide a [user] friendly, modern and fun approach to the accounting process for small and medium business owners.”

Mariana Rincon, Shillington Graduate

The Shred, Gold in Typography 2021, Gold in Magazine & Newspaper Design 2021

“Design for a skateboarding and surfing magazine cover and article.”

Mariana Rincon, Shillington Graduate

Alight, Silver in Packaging Design 2021

“Alight is a soap that relaxes tight muscles and softens tough hands after the show is over. Alight was born as a thank you for acrobats’ bodies and the way they morph at such great heights, in front of crowds under extreme pressure, in the name of artistic expression. The packaging aims to convey the drama, fluidity, glamour and beauty of an acrobat on stage.”

Joyce Chao, Shillington Graduate

The Shred, Silver in Magazine & Newspaper Design 2021

“This new extreme sports magazine aims to tell real stories about real people. The concept is to show the strong characters of empowered women who aggressively live inspire to others. I chose to portray in these spreads the gutsy attitudes and bold styles of female skateboarders.”

Jade Loh, Shillington Graduate

Get Some Condoms, Gold in Packaging Design 2021

“Condom packaging design for supplement condoms. Supplement condoms are coated with vitamin-infused lube for the health-conscious millennials who just want to “get some when they get some.” The design is simple and clinical but with a playful touch of crude innuendos.”

Emily Chi, Shillington Graduate

Pause, Silver in Promotional Materials 2021, Silver in Magazine & Newspaper Design 2021

“Pause is a modern, inclusive and science-based meditation space in New York City. The design for their 2020 coursebook was inspired by their strong science foundation, pulling from sources like old scientific textbooks and geometry.”

Emily Chi, Shillington Graduate

Grimm Reality, Bronze in Branding for Social Change 2021

“Student Brief: Choose an organization, group, business or institution that you think might benefit from having a fresh campaign to help increase awareness, change perception or promote an existing product / service in a new light (potentially to a new audience). Animal cruelty campaigns often attempt to inspire advocacy by inciting anger by using sensational images and information. This method is powerful and can be successful, but it can also be off-putting to the mainstream public. Grimm Reality is a campaign that utilizes the aesthetic and tone of the classic fairy tale to spark interest in the advocacy work of NYCLASS, a non-profit animal rights organization founded on the core mission of saving NYC carriage horses.”

Emily Chi, Shillington Graduate

Amulet Whiskey, Silver in Packaging Design 2021

“The patterns of the earliest recorded tattoos found on the remains of mummified bodies show that tattoos were therapeutic. Many researchers have inferred that the tattoos were applied to relieve pain located on the lower spine, knee and ankle joints. In ancient Egypt, tattoos seemed to be an exclusively female practice. It is now believed that the tattooing of these women had a therapeutic role and functioned as a permanent form of protection during pregnancy and birth. An amulet. The history of women and tattoos is rich and deep. Amulet Whiskey was created to honor the expansive, colorful and subversive history of women in both the tattoo and whiskey worlds.”

Cait Dorombozo, Shillington Graduate

House Hound, Gold in Promotional Materials 2021

“A campaign to encourage the adoption of ex-racing greyhounds by addressing common misconceptions through a myth-busting approach and light hearted illustration.”

Jason Fidel, Shillington Graduate

Omni, Silver in Mobile Responsive Design 2021

“Brand identity and UI design for MediaCo’s new online streaming network. Their aim is to inspire a nation through investing in grassroots talent, reflect cultural diversity, champion alternative points of view and nurture new and existing talent. ‍They are “Bringing diversity to the mainstream”.

Tania Sheikh, Shillington Graduate

The Brain Revolution, Bronze in Integrated Graphic Design for Social Change

“Did you know women are twice as likely to get Alzheimer’s than men? The Brain Revolution is an integrated campaign to raise awareness of the gender imbalance of Alzheimer’s and empower women to fight their odds. #TheBrainRevolution targets women aged 20-40, the period defined as the ‘window of opportunity’ to prevent or delay Dementia symptoms. The design evokes empowerment and rebellion, using illustration to bring a fresh, engaging approach to a serious subject matter. Contrasting typefaces reflect the essence of the campaign. A rebellious, playful approach to an important topic. The brush strokes add a personal, touch, relating back to the revolution concept.”

Annette Dennis, Shillington Teacher

Oversharing My Selves, Silver in Book Design 2021

“Oversharing My Selves is a collection of words and pictures from Texan writer Sarah May. Holding up the physical body as a trophy of a life lived, a vessel of both beauty and trauma, and an odometer to our growth; Sarah May’s first book examines the idea of self-exploration as a serious and whimsical pastime.”

Jimmy Muldoon, Shillington Teacher

Morso, Silver in Branding 2021

“The storytelling of Morso was rooted in the concept, “traditions made simple.” As our conversions continued, we refined the visual language to be directed by a bespoke, intimate, and personal look and feel. Personal, unforgettable food experiences are at the center of what Morso brings to the table, and so we decided to focus our art direction on just that.”

Jimmy Muldoon, Shillington Teacher

Emerge Graduation Exhibition Identity, Gold in Branding 2021

“The concept behind the December online portfolio showcase identity was EMERGE: to move out of or away from something and come into view. I wanted to create a campaign that represented the journey of these emerging designers as they launch themselves into the industry. Coming from all different backgrounds, these graduates are moving away from their previous careers and stepping into view as creative professionals.”

Missy Dempsey, Shillington Teacher

Queer Screen Film Festival 2020 Campaign, Silver in Branding 2021

“Queer Screen Film Festival celebrates the diversity of the LGTBIQ community locally and internationally. For the first time in Queer Screen history, people could attend their festival— Australia-wide—from the comfort of their own living room. The client requested that the campaign was inclusive, bright and fun. The inspiration to craft a miniature living room came from imagining the different rooms across Australia that the festival could be screened in. I recalled Yayoi Kusama’s yellow infinity room and how much joy I felt being surrounded by the colour. Yellow also compliments Queer Screen’s brand colour, pink. I made and sourced props, finishing them in yellow paint.”

Shanti Sparrow, Shillington Director of Teaching Global

Big Picture Graduate Showcase Identity, Gold in Website Design 2021, Silver in Branding 2021

“The Shillington School of Graphic Design virtual showcase identity was created during the Coronavirus shut down. Students and faculty may have been separated in their own little boxes during quarantine but they are ultimately connected and part of a bigger picture.”

Shanti Sparrow, Shillington Director of Teaching Global

Sweetchops Visual Identity, Gold in Illustration 2021, Gold in Food 2021, Silver in Packaging Design 2021, Silver in Branding 2021, Bronze in Logos 2021

“In collaboration with Toronto based agency Zerotrillion the logo and illustrative identity was developed for the plant based restaurant—Sweetchops. The visual identity explores themes of desire, ecstasy and temptation. The seductive visuals combined with their scrumptious food is sure to leave you satisfied.”

Shanti Sparrow, Shillington Director of Teaching Global

MIMIM Zine: Glam Rock, Gold in Illustration 2021, Gold in Magazine & Newspaper Design 2021

“Each issue of MIMIM zine explores one of the ‘Most Important Moment In Music’. Developed for Adobe Live this editorial is inspired by the glam rock era originating in the UK between 1970-75. Vibrant colours and patterns are used throughout to celebrate the costumes and spectacle of this unforgettable moment in music.”

Shanti Sparrow, Shillington Director of Teaching Global

MIMIM Zine: Woodstock, Gold in Magazine & Newspaper Design 2021

“Each issue of MIMIM zine explores one of the ‘Most Important Moment In Music’. Developed for Adobe Live this editorial is inspired by the psychedelic art movement of the 60’s and 70’s. Abstract and minimal illustrations are driven by the themes of peace, love, the universe and inner realms.”

Anthony Wood, Shanti Sparrow, Emily Comfort, Shillington Education

The Guide by Shillington Education and Standing By, Graphic Design of the Year 2021, Gold in UX, Interface & Navigation 2021, Gold in Website Design 2021, Gold in Digital Design 2021

“The graphic design handbook reinvented. The Guide is an online platform that showcases supporting material for the Shillington Graphic Design course. The Guide has over 20 years of content created by hundreds of teachers globally.”

We’re so proud of our Shillington graduates and teachers! For more, be sure to check out the past winners from the Indigo Awards in 2019 and 2020.

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