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4 Pieces of Advice from Moving Brands

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Our Shillington New York students were lucky enough to gain industry insights from Jonny Naismith of Moving Brands during a recent guest lecture.

As Design Director, Jonny leads the creative team for Moving Brands New York. He is a wide-ranging visual designer with experience in building and transforming brands for eminent and emerging businesses. He has successfully led teams in the definition of compelling stories for businesses and the creation of design experiences that speak directly to clients and customers.


Jonny’s talk revolved around the idea of “creativity for the moving world” and our students were especially riveted by his four main pieces of advice:

  1. Design signatures, not stamps. Think about building more than just a logo—build a brand that people can relate to, has recognizable behaviors or that people can fall in love with.
  2. Build an empathy for other disciplines. Don’t be fearful of other disciplines. Be open enough to have an understanding of them.
  3. Play. It’s important to keep an element of play. Through play, we discover. Pull things apart and pull them back together. Continue to fuel your own creativity!
  4. Maintain your own practice. Keep your own interests alive. It’s important for creatives.

We love that Shillington students get to learn from Moving Brands around the globe. Thanks again to Jonny for joining us in New York, and check out our #industrytalks feature from Andrew Harvey’s recent visit to Shillington London.

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