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Oliver Stevenson

Oli is the Marketing and Communications Assistant at Shillington. He loves food, Modernist architecture, coffee, hip-hop and the London Underground.
How to Make a Career Change at 50 and Start Doing Something You Love

Looking to make a career change at 50? It may seem like a daunting decision to make but it’s never too late to make the...

Meet Shillington Graduates Who Became Freelance Graphic Designers

Looking to become a freelance graphic designer? At Shillington, with over 25 years experience, we know a thing or two about...

Featured Graduate Interviews
9 Graphic Design Styles to Integrate Within Your Designs

Graphic design is an ever expanding creative discipline. With our graphic design course, we teach you how to make research a...

Featured Graphic Design Inspiration & Ideas
9 Creative Career Paths to Consider When Making a Career Change at 40

Looking to make a creative career change at 40? There’s no time like now. It may seem like a daunting decision, but we’re...

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How to Make a Career Change at 30 & 5 Creative Careers to Think About Pursuing

Making a career change in your 30s can seem daunting, like really daunting. But we’re here to tell you, it’s not. As a...

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10 Best Universities and Colleges for Graphic Design in Scotland for 2023

Looking to become a graphic designer in Edinburgh, Glasgow or elsewhere in Scotland? From its incredible urban...

The 10 Best Diversity in Design Books You Should Read

Diversity in design is an important topic to us at Shillington and we aim to support and strengthen equity by cultivating diverse...

Graphic Design Inspiration & Ideas
14 Best Graphic Design TikToks to Follow in 2023

We don’t need you to introduce you to TikTok. Since its introduction in 2016, the social media platform has taken over the...

Graphic Design Inspiration & Ideas Resources
9 Best Graphic Design Schools in Arizona for 2023

Looking to become a graphic designer in Arizona? The Copper State is an amazing place to study graphic design. Arizona is...

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11 Important Graphic Design Skills That Employers Want to See From a Designer

Graphic design is a career where the skills pay the bills. Like any job, there are some essential skills that all wannabe...

Featured Resources
Graphic Design Degree: Is It Worth It & What Can I Do With A Degree?

It used to be that getting a degree was the only way to get into a certain industry and graphic design was no different. But...

The 9 Best Graphic Design Schools if You Live in Oregon

Looking to become a graphic designer in Oregon? The Pacific Northwest state is a truly beautiful place to choose to study....

9 Colleges in Washington State to Get Your Graphic Design Degree

So you want to learn graphic design in Washington? We can see why! The Pacific Northwest state is an incredible mix of city,...

The 11 Best Online Graphic Design Programs & Schools Available in 2023

Looking to become a graphic designer online? Studying graphic design online is a great option as it means you can change...

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Cathy Sison meets Gabriela Namie, Art Director at YouTube Music

In our Industry Interviews, we ask one of our Shillington Teachers to interview a creative they admire—this can be a friend...

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