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Thea Powell

Thea loves all things to do with design and words.
Thumbnail for: #ILoveTheseGuys Creative Inspiration: Moving Brands
#ILoveTheseGuys Creative Inspiration: Moving Brands

The creative process can be seen as unsightly due to its 'unfinished' nature, however Moving brands flaunt theirs. They are...

Graphic Design Inspiration & Ideas I Love These Geniuses
Thumbnail for: #ILoveTheseGuys Creative Inspiration: Candy Black Studio
#ILoveTheseGuys Creative Inspiration: Candy Black Studio

I love these guys because they handpick their clients meaning their work is essentially an extension of their lifestyle. They...

Graphic Design Inspiration & Ideas I Love These Geniuses
Junction Moama
by Seesaw

The talented designer Becc Sharrock from Seesaw came to speak to our Melbourne students a few weeks back. We were so inspired...

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Free Wallpaper Download by Spencer Harrison, Shillington Teacher

We've got not one but three beautiful wallpapers for you this month, totally free for you to download! They were created by our...

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Thumbnail for: 100 Days Of Fonts
100 Days Of Fonts

A great little project by Do-Hee Kim exploring Google Font pairings. Love it! #typetuesday...

Digital Typography
Thumbnail for: Bureau Bruneau
Bureau Bruneau

Most of my favourite studios are from Scandinavia—there must be something in the air up there! Bureau Bruneau is a new find...

Thumbnail for: Sushi & Co.
Sushi & Co.

I love how Scandi-Japanese this identity is! I love the scales—and how they managed to get a sneaky fish in the logo....

Thumbnail for: Snow Graffiti
Snow Graffiti

A very clever advertising campaign to remind the freezing masses of Chicago that this spring they needn't be knee-deep in...

Thumbnail for: Brand By Hand
Brand By Hand

New Zealand designer Sara Marshall has given iconic brands a more personal touch, recreating logos like FedEx and YouTube...

Thumbnail for: The Lost Sloth
The Lost Sloth

An excellent, we-made-it-because-we-could web game by the talented team at Animade. Plus, sloths! Make sure to have the sound...

Thumbnail for: Foca by Seda Gumustas
Foca by Seda Gumustas

Designer Seda Gumustas, who studied at Shillington in New York and is now based in Istanbul, has won the Student Design...

Thumbnail for: Meet Laura Weldon
Meet Laura Weldon

Laura Weldon teaches our part-time students in Manchester. She's got ten years of design experience behind her, working for some...

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Thumbnail for: #ILoveTheseGuys Creative Inspiration: Kokoro + Moi
#ILoveTheseGuys Creative Inspiration: Kokoro + Moi

I love the design for Torikorttelit by Kokoro + Moi. The combination of color, patterns and type looks so cool! The design...

Graphic Design Inspiration & Ideas I Love These Geniuses
Thumbnail for: Elliott Walker
Elliott Walker

We were lucky enough to have the incredibly talented designer & art director, Elliott Walker, come to speak to our...


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