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20 Best Desk Accessories for Creatives & Designers

Is your desk all it could be? As you approach it every morning, does its aesthetic charm fill you with delight, putting you in an uplifting mood for the day ahead?

Shillington’s teachers and students all recognise beautiful design when they see it…. so read on and discover our 20 favourite desk accessories for creative professionals.

From desk organisers to designer toys, there’s a range of goodies to peruse, so why not spoil yourself a little and make your desk the best it can be?

1. Oak Desk Tray

You spend all day at your desk, so why not treat yourself to some eye candy that’s also wonderfully functional? This lovely Danish oak desk tray, made from unfinished oak, is made up of three sliding tiers, into which you can store paperwork, office equipment or anything else you need to tuck away.

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2. Trusco Utility Box

Crafted in Japan, Trusco’s metal toolboxes are a common sight in Japan and have gained a cult following thanks to their durability and honest good looks. Robustly constructed from painted steel, they feature a sturdy handle and clip-fastener and can be used to transport and store anything from stationery to sandwiches.

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3. Hightide Penco Storage Caddy

Made from polypropylene, these adorable caddy boxes are the perfect way to keep loose items on your desk organised and add a touch of colour to your workspace. A true retro delight.

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4. Week Planner Stamp

Plan your week in style with this nifty planner stamp. It has space for week number, seven days and a little section at the bottom for additional reminders. It works well with a standard No.3 ink pad (not included).

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5. Geometry Sticky Notes

Struggling to plan your life? Then you need these rather marvellous geometric stickies from Present & Correct. With seven different designs to choose from, you can use them for patterns, as gift labels, markers and memo notes. Infinite combinations of pleasure in beautiful colours. A fun and creative way for you to get yourself better organised.

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6. Rainbow Multi-Tool

As creatives, we’re super-sensitive to colour, so what better way to find the tool you’re looking for than this rainbow themed multi-tool set from Kikkerland Design? Its nine colour-coded tools include six Allen keys (2-6mm and 8mm), a Phillips screwdriver, a slotted screwdriver, and a torx drive bit.

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7. Brick Man Funny Anatomy

Not every addition to your desktop needs to be functional; some can be plain fun. Take this quirky little desk toy created by pop-culture artist Jason Freeny. Inspired by your childhood Lego sets, the Brick Man is classic yellow, red, and blue on one side and clear plastic on the other, to clear display its 16 organ and body parts (which are fully detachable).

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8. HAY Wooden Hand

This articulated wooden hand can be used as a drawing model, an ornament, or a decorative grip on items like jewellery. Made of natural beech wood by HAY, a manufacturer featured in MoMA’s collection, it’s a fun and attractive way to add character to your desk.

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9. Brass Handle Tray

Sometimes, you need a desk organiser that you can move around with you. This one by Present & Correct is both stylish and practical. Made in Denmark, it features a beautiful brass handle, so you can carry it with ease. The tray is made of unfinished oak and measures 220x150mm, the handle is 18cm high. It comes in a box, to be assembled with enclosed screws.

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10. Animal Wood Phone Stand

If you’re always looking for your phone, just imagine being able to easily find it on one of these cute wooden animal stands. Whether you’re a fan of cats, elephants or whales, this nifty little (2.4 in x 2.1 in x 1.4 in) stands are just the ticket.

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11. Braun Calculator

What’s not to love about this iconic Braun classic, designed in 1986 under the direction of Dieter Rams? Originally released in black, this white version is a modern update for a minimal look but maximum mathematics. Available via Present & Correct. Battery included.

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12. Acrylic Bloc Collection Desk Storage

This stackable, interchangeable acrylic desktop organiser is equal parts functional and stylish. It includes an inbox and drawer, a stackable inbox, a tray, and a mini collator for all your desk storage needs.

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13. Poppin Blush Desk Accessory Tray

Intent on bringing personality to your workspace through a broad palette of colours, Poppin creates unique, New York-designed desktop essentials that seamlessly blend functionality with creativity, and this lovely peach accessory tray is no exception.

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14. Ellepi Metal Klizia 97 Stapler in Green

We love this handmade stapler from Ellepi with its angular design, crafted in nickel plated steel. Simply gorgeous!

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15. Paper Clips – Set of 30

Paper clips are normally one of the most mundane items you can find on an office desk. So who could resist these stylish and colourful clips as a chic alternative?

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16. Desktop Pad

Why fiddle about with a calendar app when you can have the satisfaction of pencilling in and crossing off a week’s worth of stuff on this cool desktop notepad? The clean, purposely gender-neutral design makes this a real winner in our eyes.

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17. MUJI Hexagonal Twin Dual-Tip Pen Pack

Muji is a global watchword for both quality and attractiveness, and these dual-tip water-based pens maintain that reputation. Use them to colour, mark and make notes, this is classic Muji minimalism and will makes any creative’s desk look super-cool.

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18. Sharpener Desk Tidy

Give your existing pen stand a gorgeous makeover with a touch of “Back to School” elegance using the Sharpener Desk Tidy. The design will instantly take you back to those times when a sharpener was a must-have for your pencil box.

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19. Walnut Monitor Stand

Raise your monitor, improve your posture and organise your desk with this ergonomic stand made from beautiful black walnut wood. It works wonders well with sitting or standing desks and adds extra space under your monitor where you can slide your keyboard, mouse, hard drive and books. Sturdy and strong, it can hold up to 200lbs.

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20. Click Cube Clock

We’re all slaves to time, but now it’s on your terms with these stylish Click Cube Clocks. Just click your fingers or gently tap your desk and the time will appear. Especially helpful if time distracts you, or you don’t want your office illuminated by a constant digital glow.

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