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Canvas 8

Global Youth Designer / Freelance / Paid
London UK

We are working on an exciting project for a big tech client and currently looking for a a talented and driven designer to join our global diverse team of Gen Z creatives and to ultimately help us shape research through the visualization and manifestation of ideas and concepts in the market in which they are based.

Role Details

Job Title: Global Youth Designer
Location: Remote but needs to be based in one of the following markets – United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Nigeria, India, or Indonesia
Time Commitment: Part time with a minimum of 10 hours a week
Timeline: From early February to beginning of June 2023
Requirements: English speaking, design and/or UX

About Canvas 8:
We are a global strategic insights practice that works with some of the biggest and most innovative brands to help them better understand and shape consumer culture.

About the Project:
We are currently setting up a 12-week research program for a major, leading tech company that wants to understand the needs and behaviours of young people (i.e. GenZ, aged 15-24) when it comes to apps, the internet, AI and other tech topics.

It is a global project so we are looking to speak to young, exciting respondents in the following markets: United Kingdom, United States, Brazil, Nigeria, India, and Indonesia – on a weekly basis.

In each market we are looking for a skilled designer to help ideate, co-create and innovate product ideas. This will involve digitally sketching out potential app, or platforms ideas live as people discuss potential new solutions to tech problems.

About the Role:
We want to bring on a young or early career designer to work alongside us and our client to help us essentially shape research through the visualization and manifestation of ideas and concepts, in the market in which they are based.

Job Responsibilities:
– Review “homework” assignments from youth council members to see if any ideas or concepts could be conceptualized through sketches to bring additional context and light to the project.
– Observe focus group conversations to identify potential topics for ideation, visualize verbalized ideas and make key insights shine through concepting ideas that align with the learnings.
– Independently and rapidly capture ideas in sketching / low fidelity form (by hand or digital form) and keep all these sketches and ideas in a compendium alongside the original learnings and data they are attached to.
– Collaborate with Local ZSearcher partner to reflect upon, iterate on and/or identify additional ideas that will be incorporated into the “Country Summary” for each topic.
– Collaborate with the “Homebase” team to further develop storyboards, mockups or lightweight prototype sketches to effectively build end-user empathy, and communicate learnings and ideas in final deliverables.
– Iterate and build user-centric stories and visions to help crystallize emerging insights and better socialize learnings.
– Help lead discussions around design ideation and product innovation, asking the right questions to help people dive deeper into their idea and creating it in front of them.

Portfolio Review Expectations
In order to be considered for the position it is necessary to review several samples of sketch deliverables and ideally low fidelity sketches that have not been finessed alongside other sketchwork that has been edited to enable final deliverable quality. We encourage candidates to show process work to help us understand capabilities from initial sketches through to the final product.

Timeline and Availability Expectations
The designers will be expected to be available for up to 10 hours per week starting in early-February for the entirety of the program, running through the end of June 2023. They must have Monday-Friday availability (and once onboarded we can align on consistent, weekly meeting times that work for them). They will be expected to attend all focus groups and interview sessions. They will also be expected to help facilitate ideation sessions alongside their local research partner.

Application Deadline: 20 January 2023

Skill/Attributes Required

Candidate Requirements
Essential experience
– Effective storyteller and proficient sketcher
– Able to quickly visualize/sketch UI and app interfaces, user-focused storyboards and sketch scenarios that capture user needs and ideas
– Team player, able to work closely with local research team members and receive constructive feedback

Preferred experience
– Evidence of an inquisitive, curious mindset that demonstrates an ability to devise creative solutions to problems new and old
– Ability to make new ideas tangible via best-in-class product design, presentation, and prototypes.
– Proficiency in working with UX research or knowledge of qualitative UX research methods is a huge plus
– Experience working in a qualitative research environment working with researchers, clients and participants.

Apply/Respond by:

Send: Folio

Please include a short bio with your portfolio. Thank you!

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