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Shillington Book Club: Color Now by SendPoints

Saxon Campbell, Part-time Teacher, New York

Color Now: Color Combinations for Commercial Design.

As you all know, color plays a significant role in design. Color can make your design more impressive, thoughtful, and targeted. As a designer, you must learn how to combine colors successfully and this book is a great guide for that, as well as showcasing tons of stunning inspirational projects. The book includes basic color theories that helps designers gain a better understanding of color. It also delves into the psychology of color, along with color associations and applications in commercial designs.

Featuring referential color schemes and creative projects with color codes as well as color talk, this is an essential manual of great practicality and inspiration.

I found it quite interesting when they reached out to me to feature my project Mon Pavé in this book because there isn’t actually much color involved. But sometimes the subtly of a color palette can be successful. And for Mon Pavé, I believe it works.

Mon Pavé is a new e-commerce boutique. It started as a high end jewelry boutique, but is more recently featuring the best of classic accessories and skincare essentials. It is an edited curation of products to help one achieve an effortless look and feel.

Mon Pavé, translating roughly in French to “my path”, and serves as a reminder to encourage our customers to enjoy products that are personal yet classic, minimal yet timeless. With a focus on jewelry, handbags, and skincare, they aim to help you find products that are luxurious and make you feel uniquely you.

The book isn’t available yet. They sent me a copy because I’m in it! But, it will be available at Barnes and Nobel and a few other book stores in the coming months.

Copies will be available to buy soon at Barnes & Noble!

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