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#FridayFive with Shillington’s Dina Shirin

Inspiration can come from anywhere. So, on the first Friday of each month, we’re sharing some of our Shillington team’s favourite things from the past four weeks. This month, Shillington’s Marketing and Communications Assistant Dina Shirin tells us what was on her radar in September.

1. To Follow: Hurry Slowly

I’ve been really enjoying the Hurry Slowly podcast started by Jocelyn Glei. Her work reflects on how to slow down in our busy lives while becoming more mindful to create more space for what is important. She’s interviewed some big names like Paula Scher on risk taking, Matias Corea on breaking routines, Austin Kleon on the creative process and Debbie Millman on how to manifest the life that you want. Jocelyn also writes about topics that complement her podcasts about the creative life, finding meaning and productivity.

2. To Read: Aperture Magazine: Mexico City Edition

Aperture is one of my favorite galleries in New York City located in the Chelsea gallery district. Aside from being a gallery, they’re a non-profit dedicated to bringing the photo community together through workshops, exhibitions and producing amazing books. After attending a recent Aperture talk with three Mexican photographers, I learned about the issue of the magazine focused on one of my favorite places, Mexico City. The magazine has a great curation of imagery and content on Mexican photographers and the way they’re shaping the visual culture of the city.

3. To Go: Garry Winogrand

The Brooklyn Museum currently has an exhibition of Garry Winogrand’s color street photography. He’s by far one of my favorite American street photographers (hailing from the Bronx, where I lived since the 90s). Garry produced more than 45,000 color slides over a ten year period and this exhibition presents some of his rare and never before seen photographs from New York and around the United States using a projection of 35mm slides. There’s something about the way he captures the everyday simplicity of street life showing life in the early 50s to 60s that is unique to his style and iconic.

4. To Listen: LEISURE

After discovering the Auckland band LEISURE through another Spotify playlist, I’ve been playing both of their albums on repeat for weeks. Their music is a soulful mix of songs that range from dreamy to upbeat, fusing funk, pop and R&B into their melodies. I highly recommend this 2016 self-titled album.

5. Wildcard: Taco Chronicles

Being a fan of travel and food shows, the culinary docuseries Taco Chronicles. Each episode talks about the different taco styles and shares a profile about the chefs and restaurateurs, along with their style of preparing the tacos from the many different regions of Mexico. I also recommend the Street Food series about the stories of cooks from nine cities in Asia, learning about the food of Bangkok, Osaka, Delhi, Seoul and many others.

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