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#FridayFive with Shillington Design Teacher Cathy Sison

Inspiration can come from anywhere. So, on the first Friday of each month, we’re sharing some of our Shillington team’s favourite things from the past four weeks. This month, Shillington New York Teacher Cathy Sison tells us what was on her radar in January.

1. To Follow: Jon Burgerman

Not only is Jon a fun quirky talented artist—he’s also worth following for his humours Instagram Stories using his gif illustrations, as well as his hilarious snack reviews!

2. To Read: The Artist Way by Julia Cameron

I’ve been on and off dating this book for two years, I’ve finally got through halfway. It’s amazing it’s life changing and in terms of creativity it’s helped me out a lot.

3. To Go: JR: Chronicles

My favourite artist is featured in the Brooklyn Museum! Sometimes the Brooklyn Museum gets forgotten unlike the major ones in Manhattan so it’s a nice escape. JR has created thousands of portraits from all over the world and this exhibition showcases his amazing work.

4. To Listen: Steve Lacy

I’ve been a big fan of The Internet for a long time so when guitarist Steve Lacy released a solo album I was super excited to see what he would bring to the table. The singer and guitarist offers an introspective blend of R&B, hip-hop and lo-fi pop. It’s an album I have on constantly when I’m designing. There’s so much involved creatively—it’s addictive to listen to.

5. Wildcard: Hom Sweet Hom

Not only am I a lettering fan girl of Lauren Hom, but her bright warm personality is truly amazing, great tutorials and tips for any freelancer/creative in the industry. I’m constantly inspired by her work ethic.

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