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#FridayFive with Shillington Design Teacher Olivia Chen

Inspiration can come from anywhere. So, on one Friday a month, we’re sharing some of our Shillington team’s favourite things from the past four weeks. This month, Shillington Sydney Teacher Olivia Chen tells us what was on her radar in April.

1. To Follow: Céline Park

Céline Park is a Korean graphic designer/filmmaker/artist that is constantly challenging what design is about. She is definitely not a “trendy” designer with shining graphics and pretty patterns—her art and design are tightly intertwined with cultural study and research from different disciplinary backgrounds. They are unapologetically beautiful and feminine but nonetheless meaningful and thought-provoking. I truly believe that immersive experience design will be the future of graphic designer and, as a designer, we will need to wear more hats than now. I personally look up to her and her method of applying her art direction to all aspects of her art: graphic, music, moving image, dance, and exhibition.

2. To Read: Beauty—Sagmeister & Walsh

Not just another shiny folio book, Beauty by Sagmeister and Walsh is like a visual essay with easy to digest writing. It touches upon the sore subject of my distaste to international modernism and globalisation that washes away uniqueness in all cultures and turn everything into blandness. It discusses our fear of “beauty” in the design/art world, and how now functionality and taking over form.

3. To Go: Taimburns Skincare Flagship Store

Like many South Korean retail brands, Tamburins is the gentle monster of skincare. Located in the middle of Seoul’s most expensive area: Gangnam district, the flagship store is 4 storey-height filled with plants, artwork, furniture, work-in-progress mood board, half-finished artworks, and contemporary dance performance. It feels more like an art gallery than a retail shop—the few products they sell sit randomly among the dreamlike and private setting. It made me feel like I was exploring some artist’s house while they were away. Very interesting and fun retail experience.

4. To Listen: L’ivresse—Feu! Chatterton

My recently discovered French band—good to listen to in the late night. Beautiful lyrics even if you have to google translate them. L’ivresse is depressive, slow, but powerful in its relentless rant.

5. Wildcard: Neon Gods

Neon Gods is a free Taiwanese Film Screening at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Taiwanese new wave films are famous in its delicateness and earnestness. Most touch on the everyday life matters and the clash of cultures. If you like Ang-Lee in his Hollywood days, you need to explore his films prior to his Hollywood fame.

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