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Graphic Identities: Panel Discussion

19 Feb 2022, 3—4pm

Dive into the unique identity of Australian graphic design with this exhibition and panel discussion from the Powerhouse Museum.

We often don’t stop to consider our creative predecessors that carved the way to establish a presence in the design hubs of the world. For example, Australian graphic design—whose foundations were built in the mid-late 20th century, by a group of working men and women. They advocated for a professionalized design industry, from which flourished a unique visual aesthetic that we can only attribute as Australian. This exhibition explores the nuances of this history and gives deep insight into the practices of designers before digital became the forefront.

The offering is rounded off by an exciting panel discussion with leading creative directors from innovative brand, design and digital studios. The panel features Shillington part-time teacher and owner of Studio ChenChen—Olivia Chen, amongst other industry leaders. Tune in to hear their reflections on the topic at hand as well as their own insights into the local industry, globalization and emerging communication technologies.

Book tickets now— essential, as capacity is limited!

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Eden Lim
February 8, 2022

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