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Career Change: One Student’s Jourrney From Banking to Graphic Design

Shillington students and staff from around the world share the work of creatives who inspire them in the #ILoveTheseGeniuses series.

In this post, Brisbane student Sharon McGovern highlights a project from Singapore-based designer Daniel Tan, Co-founder and Lead Designer at Tofu Design Studio.

“Here’s why I love Daniel’s work on the burger website: The animated design, vibrant colours and balance through symmetry all attracted me to this rad user interface. While there is a lot going on in the design, the burgers don’t get overshadowed by the other elements. Actually, the other elements like the rounded shapes and typography really complement the round burgers and prompted me to want to linger on the different sections.”

When I first saw this design, it cemented my desire to be a UI designer and create similarly engaging experiences for users. The other impact this design had on me was craving for a burger!

Daniel Tan: Experimental Burger Website 

I Love These Geniuses

November 18, 2021

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