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#ILoveTheseGeniuses Creative Inspiration: Vasty

Shillington students and staff from around the world share the work of creatives who inspire them in the #ILoveTheseGeniuses series. In this post, Online student Daniel Chu highlights a project from Barcelona based creative studio Vasty.

Vasty uses common balloons and rubber gloves to create interesting compositions through intertwining tube balloons and hand gloves. Like many of their other projects, they explore different compositions using the same techniques and materials. I love how the strong understanding of colors and how they can be paired to determine hierarchy. I also like the combination of different shapes and curves.that helps their pieces pop and stand out from the colored backgrounds that they choose. It’s especially interesting how they use the inflability of these objects to create different shades and shadows.

Vasty: Hands Off 

I Love These Geniuses

August 12, 2021

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