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Interview with Tristan Ceddia, Creative Director at Never Now

Tristan Ceddia, Creative Director at Never Now has a super impressive portfolio. Our Shillington Melbourne students love his recent guest lecture, so of course we had to follow it up with a proper interview!

Read on to learn about his network of collaborators, a recent project that involved wearing a fluffy bunny suit and a follow-up to his 2013 Broadsheet feature with wife Adriana Guiffrida, founder of POMS.

Tell us a bit about your creative journey. What milestones led you to today?

I started my studio, Never Now, when I was at university. I wanted to learn and explore the world in my own way and on my own time. I don’t really notice milestones. I am lead by, and trust in the process and remain open to and excited about what is around the corner.

At Never Now, you work with “a broad network of photographers, architects, artist and thinkers.” Could you tell us about a favourite collaboration?

I recently started working on projects with my friend Rick Milovanovic. We studied at the same time, however didn’t meet till a few years later. We are have a really similar way of thinking and hi-lighting each other’s ideas in this really organic way.

Could you walk us through the idea and creative process behind a recent client project? 

Just before Easter I put together a small campaign for Hunted+Gathered and Pidapipo which was super fun. I worked with my brother who shot 3D photos of me in a bunny suit, and did a nice graphic overlay and animated poster. Explosive, short life campaigns like this are fun in their impermanence and spontaneity.

We loved discovering this Broadsheet feature on you and your wife, jeweller Adriana Guiffrida! What’s changed in your life since that 2013 interview? Give us an update!

Well, we have two kids now, and our house is full of toys. Both of our businesses have grown and there are a lot more balls up in the air… Our kids love to draw and play lego, and take a real interest in what we do. It’s fun watching them grow up in the environment and community that we have built around ourselves.

What’s the best thing about being a creative in Melbourne?

Melbourne is a wonderful city. There are a lot of good people around and we are really connected with culture here.

Years ago I lived in Sydney and a friend commented on how everyone is so obsessed with ‘making it’ overseas, in New York or wherever. I really love living in Melbourne.

What’s your opinion of design education in Australia currently? Any advice for current students to make the most out of their studies?

I don’t know a lot about design education. My education really started when I began working for myself. My advice would be to put yourself out there, and believe in your own abilities and always strive to be better.

Don’t get bummed out by social media and the snapshot this gives you of the world. Go out and explore for yourself, do your thing, have fun and stick to your guns.

Any hot tips for design interviews? Any do’s or don’ts?

Do what feels right and don’t work for people you don’t get along with.

Who or what’s inspiring you at the moment? Want to share any shout-outs?

My wife constantly inspires me with her label POMS. She makes really beautiful jewellery and eyewear and cares a lot about the environment and the impact of her brand. I am also constantly in awe of my friends Brendan Huntley and Fred Ganim. Brendan is an incredible artist and Fred makes super beautiful furniture. I am lucky to be surrounded by inspiring people like this.

What’s on the horizon for Never Now?

On the horizon, hopefully some bigger cultural projects, for the right clients, and and trip overseas with my family.

Thanks so much to Tristan Ceddia for sharing his story and advice! Be sure to check out Never Now’s full portfolio.

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