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Meet Shillington Graduates Who Upskilled

Are you a graphic designer who is finding themselves lacking skills, slow on one of the major graphic design programs or just in need of a new portfolio? You’re not the only one. Over the years at Shillington, we’ve seen numerous graphic designers come through our doors to upskill—making sure they’re fully equipped to apply for design jobs or go freelance. To show you that Shillington really is the best place for creatives to upskill, we’ve put together some of the experiences of our graduates who did just that.

We spoke to our eight of our graduates from across the world who had existing graphic design skills or a graphic design degree before the course to show that there’s no better place to upskill in graphic design.

1. Brianne Coglon

Brianne Coglon, who studied on our Online course, initially taught herself graphic design before realising there was huge gaps in her knowledge. She enrolled at Shillington and never looked back, she learnt greater technical skills and gained confidence in her design processes before graduating with an incredible portfolio.

2. Jess Ibbett

Shillington Sydney Graduate Jess Ibbett wanted to improve her graphic design skills so she could work for herself. Since the course, she has carved her own path as a freelance graphic designer, whilst also starting a craft brewery with her husband and a creative women’s business with a friend—all thanks to what she learnt on the Shillington course!

3. Mason El Hage

Shillington London graduate Mason El Hage had a design degree and 3 years in the industry under his belt but still felt like he needed Shillington’s help. He now works as a Designer at Uncommon Creative Studio.

“At this point I’d been working professionally in the industry for around 3 years, but wasn’t yet at a place where I felt 100% confident in my process and way of doing things. I knew for my next step that I wanted to make the transition to a studio or agency, but didn’t feel like my portfolio was strong enough.

Having done a lot of research on the course and having been to a grad show, I quickly realised the emphasis that Shillington put on both those aspects: process and coming away with a well crafted, industry standard portfolio.

Throughout that time I spent working, it became very apparent to me that there were certain gaps in my knowledge that needed addressing. Things that I hadn’t been taught at university, and having worked as a freelancer or having been the only designer in a team, I’d never picked up off of others. I wanted to upskill in order to be fully confident in my ability before I made that transition into a studio environment.

Shillington taught me how to think creatively and conceptually. It helped me get rid of years of bad habits, and instilled a belief in myself that I’d never had before.”

4. AJ McLaughlin

Shillington Melbourne scholarship graduate AJ McLaughlin has always had a career goal to work as an art director  and just six months into our course he achieved that goal and became an Art Director at Cyclone. The course was a major factor in AJ landing his new role, as it helped consolidate all of the experience he had prior—further enhancing his creative thinking and process.

5. Amrit Mayton

Through her background in visual art, Shillington Online graduate Amrit Mayton had basic design skills but needed help from Shillington. It revolutionised her skillset, increased her efficiency and propelled her love for design even further. She now works as a Brand Design Lead in a creative agency, freelancing on the side.

6. Caroline Adams

Caroline Adams tried to teach herself design but found herself only picking up basic skills, but what she really wanted is a quick way to get all the skills she need and a creative community to help with support. She found all that, and more, at Shillington and is now working in her dream freelance career.

7. Vanessa Low

Designing for the museum and gallery scene in her hometown, Vanessa Low knew she needed to upskill. The Shillington course allowed her to expand her creative practice and career opportunities.

“I’ve always had creative ideas but not the hard skills to bring them all to life. I asked around about courses; I wanted something more comprehensive than a short course but I definitely didn’t have the time or energy to undertake a whole new university degree. Luckily, a few friends recommended Shillington!

I was working in exhibitions and admin at the Australian Museum, and doing freelance photography and writing on the side. I really wanted to learn new skills that would enable me to broaden my creative practice and potentially work in different industries (I love that almost any industry or niche can benefit from design and visual communication). The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Studying design would open a lot more avenues for me.

The course gave me the theoretical background, design thinking and hard skills that I needed to become a fully-rounded designer. In addition to learning how to use design programs, like Adobe Creative Cloud, I really appreciated learning about research, developing ideas and communicating with others.”

8. Kelly O’Connell

Whilst working in digital marketing, Kelly O’Connell picked up some graphic design skills and fell love with it. Though, she would have never got to where she is now without Shillington. Studying with us, she fine-tuned her techniques and developed the necessary skills to work full-time as a graphic designer.

Want to become upskill in graphic design with Shillington? Our graphic design course will teach all the skills and knowledge you need to know, boost your creative confidence and refine your portfolio—in just three months full-time or nine months part-time.

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