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Shillington Graduates Collaborate with Print Social and Crisis

At the start of 2021, Shillington were approached by Print Social, an accessible, sustainable pre-sale platform based in South London, and Crisis, the UK’s national charity for homeless people, for an exciting project for our Shillumni across the world.

Print Social invited Shillumni to submit designs for a t-shirt to help raise funds for the charity and support homeless people in the UK during the Coronavirus pandemic. The designs, which reflect the idea of community spirit, shared humanity and hope for the future, would be sold on Print Social with at least 50% of the profits going to help Crisis and their vital work.

39 Shillumni, from Shillington’s six campuses, submitted their designs and we, Print Social and Crisis were all floored by the results! In fact, Crisis chose all 39 of the designs to be listed on Print Social—hopefully raising a lot of money for the charity. Each designer has to sell 5 t-shirts for them to go to print and raise the funds for Crisis, so make sure you pre-order your favourite one now.

Huge congratulations to all 39 of our Shillumni who submitted and were selected and big thanks to them all for being part of a worthy cause. You can see all their amazing designs below:

Alejandra Bassol

Shillington Melbourne Graduate

“It has been a tough year for everyone, but people who already had economic pressure from the coronavirus are now facing homelessness, so I wanted to collaborate with Crisis UK (national charity for homeless people) to raise funds for them because everyone deserves a home.”

Alexia van Moorsel

Shillington London 2020 Graduate

“During my time in London, I regularly visited Ash and his dog Max who lived on the street parallel to mine. We became friends and spoke often where Ash shared his stories and experiences, and the difficulties he was facing during the pandemic. It was hard to imagine how tough it must be not only without a home but without a home during the Coronavirus pandemic. The design focuses on the urgency of the situation and tries to convey the sensations homeless people are feeling during these difficult times. Our masks may protect us, but we have grown distant to each other making it harder to help directly. The hands reaching in from the top signify hope and the willingness to help as a community. If we can help, even just a little, why don’t we lend a hand? I am very grateful that there are organisations like Crisis to give support and bring warmth and love to those who are suffering.”

Alma Mosquera

Shillington London 2015 Graduate

The design is called “Homeless No More” and is intended to bring awareness that homelessness is “our” collective responsibility. It is not that “they are homeless” but instead it is “I, You, He, She, WE are all homeless” until we eliminate it.

Ama Ugbeye

Shillington London 2018 Graduate

“At a time like this, smiling with your eyes or ’smizing’ can literally be all it takes to brighten up someones day. Let’s all keep smizing in a bid to support one another, at least until our smiles can be seen again, big and bright!”

Amy Rodgers

Shillington Manchester 2020 Graduate

“The idea behind my Crisis t-shirt design is ‘hope can open any door’ and aims to reflect positivity, allyship and a brighter future.”

Andrew Wilshere

Shillington Manchester 2017 Graduate

“This design picks up on the rainbow, which became an important symbol of hope early in the pandemic. It tells a story of darkness to light, and of the path to a brighter tomorrow.”

Anne Wright

Shillington London 2016 Graduate

“This brief really caught my eye as I respect and support the work of Crisis; plus the idea of positivity and community spirit are needed right now more than ever. I love designing fun, hand-drawn illustrations that put a smile on someone’s face. I like to sketch ideas by hand and then refine them in Illustrator. With that in mind, I worked up some sketches that I felt captured the spirit of ‘shared humanity and hope for the future’ and paired them with positive messages intended to lift the spirit. With things the way they are at the moment, if my designs can make someone smile, even for a moment, then I have achieved what I set out to do.”

Arla Laureta

Shillington Sydney Graduate

“Inspired by line drawing and typography, I created a minimal design entitled, Uplift, where all letters are connected. Like us, we are all interconnected as one human race and if we lift one another, together we build a positive culture that elevates humanity.”

Bal Johal

Shillington London 2018 Graduate

“My idea came from the following thought…Connection with others is one of the things that gives us our humanity, and this in turn is what gives us hope. Hope for the present and hope for the future.”

Birgit Ebert

Shillington New York 2014 Graduate

“Be the one to create hope. Be the one to lead the way.”

Chloe Marquand

Shillington London 2019 Graduate

“My design is a representation of how the benevolent act of opening your door to someone in need can positively influence an entire community to do the same. The coloured rectangles individually represent the doors of the community opening one by one.”

Drew Rodman

Shillington London 2019 Graduate

“According to a 2012 Crisis report the average age of death for those in the UK is 46 for men and 43 for women, which is tragically decades below the national average. My design embodies the idea of crisis enveloping homeless people in their care thereby doing the vital work that literally saves people’s lives.”

Eleanor Robertson

Shillington London 2017 Graduate

“This design has two meanings. The first is that homelessness can happen to anyone, for any number of reasons: it is everyone’s concern. But the t-shirt also offers the hopeful message that, through better understanding and support, many cases of homelessness can be prevented – and that, one day, we can end homelessness for good.”

Hannah Phillips

Shillington London 2020 Graduate

“I wanted to create an image that reminded people that when we work together, everyone will benefit – our communities will grow stronger, fresh opportunities will arise and new relationships will be formed, and all of our lives will ultimately be enriched when we work together to end homelessness.”

Izzy Copley

Shillington London 2020 Graduate

“Based on the song by J Hus this design reflects the idea of maintaining community spirit through hardship and believing things will get better. I hope the design uplifts and brings joy to anyone wearing it.”

Joanna Gence

Shillington Manchester 2020 Graduate

“As I looked into Crisis and the cause they fight for, it was clear to me that change requires strength and unity and that it can only happen when we get together. Fire to me, seemed like the perfect analogy to describe the powerful force behind their fight against homelessness.”

Julia Darze

Shillington Manchester 2016 Graduate

“Through the binoculars we see a collection of things that bring us joy. We see human connection that serves as a reminder that despite these isolating times, if we focus on looking forward together, then love and hope can follow.”

Julia Zou

Shillington New York 2016 Graduate

“The difference between being homeless and not homeless is the level of shelter, security and having a roof overhead. It’s important to remember that homeless people aren’t any different, they just need an extra hand from time to time.”

Kirsty MacDiarmid

Shillington London 2010 Graduate

“Hands: Reaching out to end homelessness together. Houses: Helping people to find a secure, stable home and community. Flowers: Representing staff, supporters, volunteers and campaigners coming together to end homelessness.”

Krista Kay

Shillington London 2019 Graduate

“This t-shirt represents Crisis UK’s mission to support people out of homelessness and help them rebuild their lives. I wanted to express warmth and compassion through a minimalist design evoking the core belief that every human being should have a place to call home.”

Leta Bernhoeft

Shillington London 2020 Graduate

“All contributions to life are worthwhile – even a wave, a smile or a kind word between someone flying high and someone feeling low can forge a connection that makes a world of difference.”

Louise Dewsnap

Shillington Manchester 2019 Graduate

“With a focus on haven, growth and unity, I wanted to create a colourful and contemporary design with an important message to help Crisis and what they fight for. Homelessness could happen to any of us, we as a society can help to end it, help grow communities, and lend a hand to those most in need to get back on their feet.With the past year especially being so hard for so many people without a safe place to live, now is the time for us to try and help each other out that little bit more.”

Lydia Fee

Shillington London 2018 Graduate

“The design uses a ‘tangram’ as inspiration to reflect the community coming together to build something and take positive action. Every person in a community is unique and important in their own right, just like every piece in the puzzle is – but when they come together they create something special, powerful and impactful.”

Maddy McIndoe

Shillington London 2019 Graduate

“Inspired by a childhood bedtime story told by my father, Jimmy the tomato comforts his purple pal the aubergine, surrounded by a community of friendly little legumes.”

Manon Prost

Shillington London 2020 Graduate

“‘Better together’ because we rise by lifting one another. So now more than ever, it’s important to take care of each other.”

Manu Secouet

Shillington London 2020 Graduate

“Despite winter and the general sense of isolation made worse by the pandemic, there is hope. Hope for a warm, welcoming place, with friendly faces. Hope for a more caring post-Covid society.”

Mark Osmond

Shillington London 2016 Graduate

“The past year has reminded us that our humanity is more than just something we share, it’s something that connects us at every level. An ‘all strings attached’ life recognises the bonds between us and the part we all need to play in shaping our future.”

Matt Dunbar

Shillington London 2020 Graduate

“The i’s from the Crisis logo were repeated to suggest community with each of us playing a central role. Formed into the power symbol, the design reflects that collectively we have the strength to bring about positive change.”

Menuka de Silva

Shillington London 2020 Graduate

“A garden slowly growing on two different hands reflects a community spirit often shared when we are out in nature. The growth also gives us hope for better times in the future.”

Mim Chadwick

Shillington London 2020 Graduate

“I love plants and have filled my living space with them. I have helped them sustain and they have sustained me. I wanted to share the idea that plants are both beautiful and strong and can survive in the most difficult of circumstances, just like us.”

Nat Stallard-Stephens

Shillington London 2019 Graduate

“My design is called HOPE. It shows that if we overcome our differences, we can work better together and bring hope for a better future.”

Natalie Jasper

Shillington Sydney Graduate

“HELP HOME, SAVE LIVES is a nod to the government campaign STAY HOME, SAVE LIVES. For the homeless staying home has been impossible at a time our homes have never been so important. I incorporated expand your support bubble in the design because the homeless should not be forgotten, we are all in this together. Please support CRISIS if you can.”

Nermalee Bowe

Shillington Sydney Graduate

“A Helping Hand: The handprint is from a Firefighter. Just one person of many in the emergency services, who keep us safe and protected everyday. Our silent heros of the community. We are Human: As a human race we are all interconnected regardless of how different we think we are. You can find something in common with any person on this planet if you try. So you won’t be strangers anymore and maybe even become friends.”

Priti Depala

Shillington London 2018 Graduate

“Save the planet! Climate change is real. This design is about encouraging young people who want to help save the environment. This is showcased through deep emotions through the use of words and illustration. The intention for this design is to speak to people who want to make change but don’t know where to start.”

Rachel Anderson

Shillington London 2019 Graduate

“The idea behind the design ‘Together’, is that the physical connection of the letters, the threading of the different colours through the design, and the highlight of the brightness against the dark, represent the strength of inclusivity, connection and togetherness in creating a brighter future.”

Rose Scuteri

Shillington Melbourne Graduate

“Everyone deserves a home! A house provides shelter, but a home provides shelter, feels safe, brings comfort and is full of optimism and love. Everyone deserves a home that can be shared with loved ones and is unconditionally inviting, bursting with community spirit …. a home that brings joy and that warm feeling of hope and kindness we should all share.”

Suparom Ronyut

Shillington Melbourne Graduate

“My artwork is called “Be kind”, and the idea behind it is “I believe in kindness, and I am supporting everyone to be kind for each other. I created it with a simple vector illustration style to represent being kind as it is basic humanity and integrate with images of flower, smile, and heart to reflect warmness and kindness.”

Ximena Jimenez

Shillington Melbourne Graduate

“Even without a house you are a human. “La casa” or, en Inglés, “The home” illustrates this sentiment – the home travels with you: it is part of you and you are part of it.”

Check out all their designs over Print Social! Why not buy your favourite and not only support a new designer, but also help out Crisis at a time when their important work is most needed.

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