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10 Apps for your Wellbeing

Whether you’re a newbie or have your own wellness practice, the power of a daily ritual is an important part of maintaining a sense of wellbeing, especially during times of stress. We’ve rounded up a list of ten apps to bring a dose of zen to your wellness routine.

1. For Meditation: Headspace

Headspace has become one of the most popular apps on the scene. It’s the perfect tool to learn visualisation and meditation techniques to improve your focus and relieve stress.

2. For De-Stressing: Happy Not Perfect

Your go-to app when you’re feeling overwhelmed. After identifying your mood, you’re taken through a seven step process to help you feel recharged.

3. For Calmness: Ten Percent Happier

Through guided meditations, talks and videos, you’ll gain practical skills you can apply to your daily life to bring a sense of calm.

4. For Daily Self-Care: Sanvello

Using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, you’ll be equipped with tools to manage whatever comes your way to feel empowered through their coaching and peer support.

5. For Sleep: Balance

This meditation coach is personalized to your needs based on your answers to their daily prompts with the goal of bringing more awareness to each day and improve your sleep.

6. For Journaling: Mood App

Through the app, you’ll get access to their journaling tools to track your moods over time, along with access to community support.

7. For Mindfulness: Inscape

If you’re looking to make mindfulness a part of your routine, Inscape will help you improve focus and reduce stress through content that’s personalized to your daily goals.

8. For Fitness: Glo

Take the studio to your home through online yoga, meditation and pilates classes, allowing you to tailor your practice to your schedule.

9. For Self-Improvement: Remente

This holistic app is aimed at providing you with the tools to start living a healthier life. You’ll not only improve your focus, but also learn how to improve your work/life balance.

10. For Inspiration: Motivate

You’ll discover inspiring speeches from popular speakers, watch motivational videos and have access to curated playlists to help you develop positive habits.

This resource was originally published in the Shillington Post 09—The Wellbeing Issue

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