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The 10 Best Graphic Designers & Creatives from Spain

Spain is fast becoming one of the most exciting design hubs in the world. With Barcelona bursting full of creative energy, we can’t think of anywhere better to set up a design studio. We’ve collected 10 of our favourite Spanish studios who are killing it in the design industry, from the spectacular illustrative work of Hey to the wonderfully wacky creations of Brosmind. Feast your eyes on these Spanish design legends! 

1. Hey Studio

Hey is a powerhouse of beautiful illustration and cleverly considered branding. Most commonly known for their colourful illustrations they’ve been commissioned for the likes of Wall Street Journal, Monocle and Transport for London. We love them so much we even have some of their work on the walls of our London campus!


2. Mucho

It’s incredibly difficult to pick a favourite project from Mucho. They’re a global boutique agency who’ve conquered just about every genre of Graphic Design, producing inspiring results time after time. Their portfolio includes an identity brought to life by ribbons and a unique packaging design for DVD’s—and that’s just the tip of the creative iceberg.


3. Lo Siento

Masters of hand crafted skills, Lo Siento put a contemporary twist on traditional techniques. Their projects often incorporate laborious procedures, always producing phenomenal outcomes. They’ve injected bubble wrap with illuminous liquid, constructed 4D type from paper and a typeface from ice cream wafers.


4. Tatabi

Valencian studio Tatabi have a slick, modernist approach to their branding. An all female cohort, their work seems effortlessly beautiful. With projects for Organic Cosmetics, Oolong Tea and Microwave Popcorn under their wing we’re excited to see where the future takes them.



5. Alex Trochut

One man band Alex Trochut is a force to be reckoned with. With mind blowing Typography skills, he’s so far leant his type wizardry to Puma, Time Magazine and Mac Cosmetics. Originally from Spain he’s now based in New York City.


6. Brosmind

The Mingarro brothers, Brosmind, bring a whole other dimension to Graphic Design. Their curious approach to design is packed full of excitement and playfulness. While mostly recognised for their illustrative style they’ve recently been experimenting with Lego , creating a controller to use while presenting their work—equipped with a keyboard, cause who doesn’t love keyboards?


7. Toormix

With a passion for innovation and brand development, Toormix have a wonderfully varied portfolio. We’re particularly fond of their personal typography projects which include Marimuntanya, Wire and Optilus.


8. Folch

Kings of conceptual design, Folch have an extremely interesting approach to design, championing strategic thinking and brand journalism. Their in-depth approach resonates throughout the work, Zuzunga in particular shows their thought process from initial conception to refined completion. Folch are also passionate about education making regular appearances to talk at events and colleges.


9. Forma & Co

With a flexible outlook, Forma & Co have a diverse portfolio branching across an array of sectors. From corporate icons for Dell, to light hearted illustrations for Re-Vision to hard hitting work for Doctor’s Against Borders, in particular documenting the Ebola crisis.

forma_msf_ebola_0310. Atipus

If you’re ever in need of a beautiful bottle of wine, Atipus are the go to guys. With a portfolio full of remarkable wine label design, they’ve upped the game for wine aisles everywhere. Particular favourites for us are Pinyeres and the Vi Solidari label hand painted by school children which helped raise funds for Child Cancer Research.



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