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12 Shillington Graduates to Follow on Instagram

From shots of brunch styled to oblivion to hysterical memes and enough selfies to launch a thousand ships what would we do without Instagram? It’s quickly risen the ranks to become the world’s favourite social media platform and we can totally see why.

While it does act as a place for several aforementioned guilty pleasures, it’s also fast become the location for designers to promote their work and digitally network. Grab your phones as we share 12 Shillumni killing it with their well curated grids.

1. Andy Vargas, Shillington London


Based in Bogotá, Colombia, Andy’s Instagram feed exudes millennial sophistication. Her eye for composition, colour and narrative within a single shot is enviable. Stephen Shore with a twist, she’s definitely one to follow if you’re fan of Vice Magazine, ’cause her recent photo series is on the front cover.

2. Halah El Kholy, Shillington Manchester


Who doesn’t love bookish cat ladies, sloths frolicking in fields and skateboarding rabbits? Halah’s painterly feed has it all with her whimsical illustrations. The only struggle is picking a favourite within the ever growing series.

3. Alexander Wu Kim, Shillington Sydney


A feed of pure tonal excellence from Alexander’s photo archive. From shots of sneakers to sun soaked beaches and dreamy skyscrapers, it’s nothing but 1080x1080px of city life.

4. Stephanie Antill, Shillington Brisbane


Welcome to Art Directors’ Valhalla. Each post is styled to perfection by Stephanie herself. From well positioned bottles of lemonade to perfectly splayed rose petals—it has us lusting after spring picnics and idyllic studio spaces.

5. Keir M-Barnett, Shillington Manchester


Keir’s a man who believes in photographing a good bit of design and then sharing it with the world—and that’s something we’re fully on board with. Expect to see beautiful bits of print, packaging and typography as well as some of Keir’s own wonderful work.


6. Christopher Perry, Shillington London


If you’re a fan of a series then this is the feed for you. The very talented Christopher shares miniature drawings and animations from his base in Sweden. When he’s not busy with fine-liners he also posts under @explorerscabin which is equally as brilliant.

7. Erin Donati, Shillington Sydney


If you’re a fan of handwritten typography and an aspirational Australian lifestyle then look no further. Harley Quinn & Co is the design company of Erin Donati. When she’s not posting pics of her beautiful range of products, keep an eye out for a delicious breakfast shot or one of her adorable dachshund (the company’s namesake).

8. Jonathan Martin, Shillington New York


Sometimes we need a bit of escapism and Jonathan’s feed provides everything and more in that department. A consistent source of dazzling shots from open highways to dreamy coffee shops, he has us wanting to pack our bags and go on a road trip, immediately.

9. Jack Seymour, Shillington Manchester


If you want your mind blown then don’t hesitate in giving Jack a follow. His 3D creations are unfathomably impressive. We could spend hours staring at them, and then a couple more trying to work out how he made them!


10. Greg Bemis, Shillington New York


Greg’s Instagram handle is certainly accurate. His feed is a flurry of impressive doodles. Everything from skulls to hotdogs, they’re sure to brighten up your day when scrolling through.

11. Ocki Magill, Shillington Sydney


Flamingos, peonies, the solar system… you name it and Ocki will turn it into a stunning letter with her intricate painting skills. Follow Ocki to keep up to date with her letters, just try to resist buying the lot!

12. Yannis Tsiounis, Shillington London


Yannis has completed the arguably difficult task of replacing London’s grimy urban surface with a world of pastels and bright skies. Amongst his photographs he also posts some seriously great illustrations which fit seamlessly into his feed.

Wondering what else our graduates are up to? Keep up to date with their stories in our regular interviews or search the #Shillumni tag on Instagram to explore their universe.

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