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BIPOC Resources for Creatives

At Shillington, we’ve searched the web to bring you a comprehensive list of BIPOC resources—creative directories to explore, organizations to follow, creative services, design events and places for mutual aid.

Read on to discover a wealth of these amazing resources that support BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour), along with important initiatives within the creative community to bring visibility to organizations, creatives around the world and programs aimed at empowering and celebrating creatives of colour.

BIPOC Creative Directories


#ShilloNY teacher Deepa Shanbag launched an online directory for talented creative women of colour from all over the globe. If you’re a WOC, it’s free to join and if you’re looking to hire, you can view the directory to see the complete list of creatives.

Deloris Directory

The Deloris directory is a BIPOC creative listing for all creatives available for paid hire in the creative industry. They also provide a job board of BIPOC-owned businesses and organizations looking for pro bono creative services.

Latinx Design Directory

The design directory is a listing of Latinx designers and includes spotlights in an effort to promote talent in the community. You can also filter creatives by country, pronoun and discipline.

Latinxs Who Design

The mission of Latinxs Who Design is to provide a platform for creatives and a directory of talented designers you can follow, hire or even find a mentor. Know a great designer? You can also nominate a creative you admire and join the Slack channel to stay connected with the community.

UK Black Creatives Database

The database provides resources, art, design, art direction and photographer directories of black creatives.

Fuse Manchester

Fuse is an inclusive platform aimed at elevating the voices and work from creatives of colour. The BIPOC directory is a listing of creatives in Manchester and you can search the listing by discipline.

Hire Black Creatives Directory

The Black Creatives Directory aims to make it easier for black creatives and businesses to network and find each other. The global listing featuring creatives from a wide range of industries from fashion and art to graphic design and photography.

Black Illustrator Directory

Looking for an illustrator? The directory provides an amazing listing of editorial illustrators, cartoonists, animators and artists you can hire for your next project.

Drawing While Black Directory

The Drawing While Black directory provides a listing of animators, character designers, 3D designers and writers with details on their location, area of expertise and portfolio.

Blacks Who Design

The aim of Blacks Who Design is to promote and inspire new designers and encourage people to discover talented individuals and a potential creative to join your team. You can also join their Slack channel and nominate a designer you admire.

Black Women Photographers

The global platform launched earlier this year and aims to amplify the work of Black women and non-binary photographers around the world. Their aim is to disrupt the idea that it’s difficult to discover Black creatives and they aim to create a dialogue via social media to ensure “Black women are empowered to make the industry as colourful as it ought to be.”

See In Black

The collective aims to empower Black photographers and includes a charity photo initiative with the work of over 80 photographers with all profits going to civil rights, arts education and community building and criminal justice reform.

Women Who Design

The Twitter directory includes a list of accomplished women designers in the industry and helps people find new creatives to follow on Twitter. You can search by job title, location and expertise. Additionally, the website has a job board and a nominate feature that allows you to nominate a woman who you think is valuable to the design industry.

People of Craft

The People of Craft is a showcase of creatives around the world and across a range of disciplines, including design, advertising, illustration, lettering and much more.

Illustrator Hub

If you have an illustration project in mind, then Black Illustrators is your go-to resource for your next project. The database can be used by companies to discover and hire top talent from illustrators with a unique style. You can also join their illustrator hub on Slack which serves as a chat room to communicate and share ideas with other designers.

BIPOC Creative Directory

The creative directory was founded by model and XYNE collective casting director Nouri Hassan. The listing spans a myriad of roles from photographers and hairstylists to make-up artists and models and more.

BIPOC Studios

A listing of BIPOC owned studios working within architecture, graphic design, industrial design and more.

BIPOC Studio Directory

Directory of BIPOC owned studios across architecture, art, design, product design, art direction and more.

Organization of Black Designers

OBD is dedicated to promoting visibility, empowerment and education with the focus that diversity in design offers a unique perspective and helps to contribute to global culture.

Designers of Colour 

Designers of Colour is a visual directory that showcases designers, illustrators and lettering artists from Black, Asian and Marginalised Ethnic Background. Creatives can also sign-up to join the directory and also have an active Instagram page which is linked on the website.

The People of Cabaret: The Directory

The Directory from Australian-based The People of Cabaret, collective of artists of colour who work in the live performing arts sector, is an initiative to keep record and create a database of the beautiful diversity across our entire arts industry and specifically champion artists of colour.

25 Black-Owned Home Decor Brands

Support these Black-owned home decor businesses and also support a bigger cause. This guide from MyMove includes 25 Black-owned home decor brands where you can find goods for all your home decorating needs.

Creative Services

Design for Black Lives

For designers who want to offer their pro bono services for BIPOC organizations, Design for Black Lives is looking for designers to sign up. Alternatively, if you’re a business looking for design services, you can use their design request form to submit the proposal.

Pro Bono Artist Consulting for BIPOC Visual Artists

Are you a freelance artist looking for some guidance on working with client projects? If you’re a BIPOC visual artist, the visual editor Raydene Salinas Hansen is offering 1:1 support for project-based services. She’ll answer all your questions and provide the support you need.

The Radical Database

The database is an ever growing list of resources from reading lists, wellness resources and career support so that you can find whatever you need in one place.

Design For Black Lives: Pro Bono Design

Want to help out with your design services? Fill out the pro bono form and get added to the Design for Black Live’s database of pro-bono designers.

The Creative Collective

The New York-based community and agency Creative Collective curates spaces for creatives of colour, such as events, unique content and cultural consultations.


Prem Krishnamurthy of Wkshps is offering free 30-min consultations to Black and Black-led non-profits, cultural organizations, businesses, artists and designers.

Collective Power

Collective Power is a group of designers, writers, artists and strategists that are offering free design services for BIPOC owned businesses.

Events, Programs and Resources

Young Urban Arts Foundation

The foundation empowers young urban creatives through creativity and offers both outreach and empowering workshops. They also work with partners to ensure young people are provided with opportunities and training.

Ethel’s Club

Ethel’s Club is a New York-based social and wellness center that aims are celebrating people of colour through conversation, wellness and creativity by coming together as a community while providing tools to encourage inspiration.

One School

Have you been wanting to get into the ad world as a creative and based in the US? Created by The One Club for Creativity, One School is a free 16-week online portfolio school for Black creatives. Students are offered access to top talent in the advertising industry and aim to help them create top portfolios. Through mentorship, students are provided with a network of support so that they can succeed in the industry.


As a social organization, Afrotectopia builds community with the world of art, design, technology, black culture and activism through innovation that builds longterm impact.

Jolt Academy

Jolt is both an academy and recruitment firm that brings together creatives from underrepresented backgrounds into companies while helping them achieve success in their new role.

Indigenous Design Charter

The Indigenous Design Charters (Australian and International) advocate for respectful exchange and commitment to diversity, commitment and openness by providing best practice guidelines for designers, educators and students.

Design Can Resources

Design Can pose the questions in their manifesto, “how can we inspire the next generation of designers without role models to represent them?’ and “how can design continue to be a source of world-changing ideas?” They want designers, curators, editors, writers, filmmakers and organisers within the design industry to be allies. Their resources section provides useful links to accounts to follow, podcasts to listen to and articles to read.

Equity Meets Design Course

Equity Meets Design wants to help creatives increase their capacity as a designer in order to make an impact in accordance to your individual purpose. Through their equityXdesign course, they aim to help organizations, teams and individuals to diminish the  impact of racism and inequity in design practices.

Mental Health Resources for Young People of Colour

Mental Health Resources for Young People of Colour includes organizations, digital resources and videos, support groups and therapy directories to help support the mental health of young people of colour. This resource also provides a list of Instagram accounts of mental health educators, therapists of colour and community support pages.

Unmute Magazine

Unmute Magazine is a digital publication by and mainly for BIPOC artists. Exclusivity is not the goal because they strongly believe in the importance of engaging in continued discussions involving all races and ethnicities, surrounding inequity. However, Unmute Magazine exists to primarily lift the voices of creatives who have been historically marginalized, although, BIPOC allies are welcomed.

Detox Local

An extensive list of mental health and substance use resources specifically for the AAPI (American Asian and Pacific Islander) community.

Live Another Day

A dual diagnosis guide written specifically for Black people that addresses the complex issues surrounding mental illness and substance abuse.

Basis Medical

18 holistic and chiropractic wellness resources for the BIPOC community.

Healthcare Racial Injustices Guide created this guide in order to bring awareness to the conversation about the intersection of race, racism and substance abuse. The Kaiser Family Foundation defines racial health disparities as the “higher burden of illness, injury, disability, or mortality experienced by one (politically and socially constructed) population group relative to another. Recognizing the ways non-white Americans are disproportionately affected by these health disparities, however, can build a pathway to greater understanding and developing solutions.

Video Series, Podcasts and Books

Where Are All the Black Designers

The Where Are All the Black Designers is a platform for all creatives of colour aiming to connect designers, educators and leaders to discuss change within and outside of the design industry. Replay their last conference, join their Slack group, post a design job or become a mentor.

Blacklisted Podcast

The Blacklisted podcast sets about to discuss various topics around creativity, diversity and race, raising questions and addressing uncomfortable topics that need to be discussed.

Revision Path

The weekly showcase of Black designers developers and digital creatives around the world has a variety of features and interviews so that you can learn about each person, their work and what inspires them.

Good Ancestor Podcast

The podcast engages in conversations on race, identity, social change and leadership with cultural shapers and change-makers founded by Layla F. Saad, a New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author, anti-racism educator and speaker.

Deliberate & Unafraid Book Club

The Book Club was founded by designer, De Nichols, and features books and experiences by authors, activists and artists, starting conversations on topics related to current social challenges and injustices globally.

Shade Podcast

The podcast is hosted by writer and photographer Lou Mensah and engages in conversations with change-makers and activists within the arts.

Mutual Aid and Places to Donate

Black Artists and Designers Guild

The Black Artists + Designers Guild was founded by the New York-based artist Malene Barnett to address the lack of representation of Black talent and culture in the design industry. The collective uses its platform to represent Black artists, creators and designers with the goal of creating an inclusive environment.  Their online directory promotes its members and provides opportunities.

Reskill America: The Great Rehiring Initiative

Career Karma launched a new initiative during COVID to help people who were left without jobs to get a free laptop. By partnering with organizations and leaders, they are raising $500,000 for the fund in America. All donations can be contributed to their GoFundMe fundraiser.

Black Art Futures Fund

The collective comprises of philanthropists promoting Black arts and culture. Through grants and organization-to-donor growth, their goal is to boost and empower the future of Black art. Black Art Futures provides grants to small non-profits working within Black arts and culture.

Allies in the Arts

The mission of Allies in the Arts is to support womxn, BIPOC and LGBTTQQIAA2P+ artists within the creative industries by breaking down barriers, awarding grants, curating exhibitions and creating connections for artists.

Brown Art Ink

Brown Art Ink is a community incubator that supports artists, organizations and people of colour. They invest in the arts and aim to ensure artists have opportunities for a sustainable career.

Helpful Articles

If you have any recommendations for additional resources to add and ideas, email us here, we would love to hear from you!

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