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How to Make a Career Change at 30 & 5 Creative Careers to Think About Pursuing

Making a career change in your 30s can seem daunting, like really daunting. But we’re here to tell you, it’s not. As a...

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10 Best Universities and Colleges for Graphic Design in Scotland for 2023

Looking to become a graphic designer in Edinburgh, Glasgow or elsewhere in Scotland? From its incredible urban...

14 Best Graphic Design TikToks to Follow in 2023

We don’t need you to introduce you to TikTok. Since its introduction in 2016, the social media platform has taken over the...

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9 Best Graphic Design Schools in Arizona for 2023

Looking to become a graphic designer in Arizona? The Copper State is an amazing place to study graphic design. Arizona is...

A green pound sign followed by an exclamation mark and a green dollar sign followed by a question mark on a yellow post it with a red pen in the foreground with a blue background. A black arrow is pointing towards a laptop computer with a green screen.
Your Day Rate As A Graphic Designer: How to Price Your Freelance Projects

Establishing the right freelance graphic design rates is a very important process that you need to take seriously. However,...

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15 Graphic Design Interview Questions & Their Corresponding Answers

Whether you’re an experienced designer or a recent graduate from a graphic design course, whether that's online or in...

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Graphic Design Certificate: Is It Worth It & Necessary for my Career?

A graphic designer is a multitude of things—they're a visual communicator, a problem solver, a creative thinker; they work in...

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11 Important Graphic Design Skills That Employers Want to See From a Designer

Graphic design is a career where the skills pay the bills. Like any job, there are some essential skills that all wannabe...

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a blue graphic with white line graphic spelling out how to become a graphic designer in white with 8 spots over a curve
How to Become a Graphic Designer: A Step-by-Step Guide

So, you want to learn how to become a graphic designer? That realisation is a great first step. Now, we want to teach you how...

black background with the text how to learn graphic design even if you are a beginner in white font together with some white clouds and an orange sun with green rays
Learning Graphic Design (Even If You’re A Beginner)

Are you wondering how you can start learning graphic design? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Maybe you’ve been...

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Graphic Design Degree: Is It Worth It & What Can I Do With A Degree?

It used to be that getting a degree was the only way to get into a certain industry and graphic design was no different. But...

The 9 Best Graphic Design Schools if You Live in Oregon

Looking to become a graphic designer in Oregon? The Pacific Northwest state is a truly beautiful place to choose to study....

9 Colleges in Washington State to Get Your Graphic Design Degree

So you want to learn graphic design in Washington? We can see why! The Pacific Northwest state is an incredible mix of city,...

The 11 Best Online Graphic Design Programs & Schools Available in 2023

Looking to become a graphic designer online? Studying graphic design online is a great option as it means you can change...

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The 7 Best Graphic Design Schools in San Francisco (2023)

Looking to become a graphic designer in the San Francisco Bay Area? The Golden Gate City is definitely the place to study...


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