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14 Best Graphic Design TikToks to Follow in 2023

We don’t need you to introduce you to TikTok. Since its introduction in 2016, the social media platform has taken over the world and the graphic design industry is no different. If you search ‘graphic design’ on there, you could be scrolling for days. So, to help you find the best graphic design accounts on TikTok—everything from essential tips to amazing inspiration—we’ve put together a list of our top TikTok graphic designers with help from teachers and students from our graphic design bootcamp.

1. @shillington_ 

Best for: Design Inspiration and Education 

Yes! The Original Graphic Design Bootcamp is on TikTok. With a feed packed full of amazing design insights and tips, as well as a behind-the-scenes look into our courses, @shillington_ is definitely up there with the best graphic design TikToks. Since we’ve been delivering a world class graphic design course since 1997, our TikTok is an extension of that—trying to give budding designers around the world the best possible chance of achieving their dreams. 

2. @rebrandeverything

Best for: Branding Tips

@rebrandeverything do exactly what their name says—they rebrand different companies and brands, from Costco to Depop and everything in between. The videos obviously aren’t official rebrands and are just for the fun of it, but still give great insight into different approaches to branding and logo design making it one of the best TikToks for graphic designers.

3. @hello.hazie 

Best for: Creative Industry Tips

@hello.hazie is owned by LA-based creative and brand director Hazel Imogen. With a background in large and small marketing, advertising, packaging and digital agencies, Hazel has created one of the best graphic design TikTok accounts where she shares some of the indispensable tips and tricks she has learnt from her time spent working in the industry.

4. @cassidylphillips 

Best for: Web Design

Website designer and co-founder of Foxtrot Branding Cass Phillips runs this top graphic design TikTok account, @cassidylphillips. Through their account, Cass aims to help women-owned businesses create their own top brands and website designs—essential skills for anyone running their own company. 

5. @margheritavox

Best for: Daily Design Tutorials

Graphic design Margherita Vox posts daily designs that give their followers endless tutorials in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator on their TikTok account @margheritavox.Their TikToks break down their process into digestible snippets and show loads of amazing effects that you can use in your everyday work—understandable why this one of the best graphic design TikTok accounts.

6. @swoopnebula 

Best for: Photoshop Tips

Swoop Nebula, who posts under the handle @swoopnebula, is a graphic and web designer who posts handy Photoshop tutorials and other graphic design tips. His engaging videos and on trend designs make him one of the best graphic designers on TikTok—and will help you to grow your skills as a graphic designer. 

7. @andreyazizov

Best for: Retro and Vintage Aesthetics

One of the best graphic design TikToks, @andreyazizov is a museum and designer based in New York. The perfect account for graphic designers who love retro and vintage aesthetics, Andrey shares the best vintage font roundups and tutorials to create amazing retro effects.

 8. @jobsxdesign

Best for: Design Careers

Run by creative leader Jenna Palermo, @jobsxdesign is a great resource for designers looking to level up their graphic design careers. What makes it one of the best graphic design TikToks? Jenna helps their followers develop their design eye and also shares tips and tricks to help improve how you work.

9. @saraheddeb 

Best for: Design Inspiration

Sarah Eddeb, who runs the account @saraheddeb, is a Libyan-Canadian UI/UX and visual identity designer. One of the best TikToks for graphic designers, Sarah shares her love for design through her TikToks. In her content, she explores packaging design, graphic design challenges and Arabic typography.

10. @janinedesigns

Best for: Daily Posters

Shillington New York graduate Janine Heinrichs who started a 365-day poster challenge, designing one poster a day and uploading them to her TikTok, @janinedesigns. She uses her account, one of the best graphic design TikToks, to share and showcase her process.

11. @creativeleedesignstudio 

Best for: 1 Minute Tutorials

@creativeleedesignstudio is one of the best graphic design TikToks run by Tobie Munroe, who has been a graphic designer since 2004. In between his day-to-day design work, he creates fun 1 minute design tutorials that he posts on TikTok to help his followers gain valuable design knowledge.


Best for: Freelancing Tips

Monique Vasconcelos is a UK-based graphic designer who has been running her own freelance branding and assets studio since 2020. Her top graphic design TikTok features recordings of her processes and work—including packaging, patterns, gradients, illustration and more. 

13. @artsbyemdee

Best for: Adobe Illustrator

With experience in social media, public speaking, graphic design and media design, Michelle Deborah’s TikTok account @artsbyemdee is definitely one of the best TikToks for graphic design. From her base in Tokyo, they share top Adobe Illustrator tips and tricks that they’ve taught themselves over the years.

14. @jollyhohnsonart

Best for: Quick Design Tips

With a huge following of over 800,000, @jollyhohnsonart is an inspiring TikTok full of quick design tips to teach how you do simple things to take your designs to the next level. A brief scroll through Holly’s feed shows 3D work, typography and logo design all delivered with a great sense of humour, making it one of the best graphic design TikToks.  

Feeling inspired by these TikToks and want to take your own design skills to the next level? Study graphic design or upskill at Shillington with our online graphic design course. We’ll help you learn how to become a graphic designer, even if you’re a total beginner.

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