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Shillington Book Club: Everyhey by Hey Studio

Laura Entralla, Global Marketing Projects

Author/Publisher: Hey Studio

Hey Studio have always been a big favourite of mine, not only because they hail from my home country of Spain but for their amazing, ever-growing portfolio. Amongst the many inspiring projects from Hey, any fan of the Barcelona based studio will be familiar with their iconic ‘hey characters’ illustrated in the recognisable vector style Hey often uses. This extra special book brings together every character Hey have ever drawn, in the suitably named ‘Everyhey’.

You’ll be hard pressed to name a character that doesn’t feature, with everyone from Tin-Tin to Marie Antoinette getting a look in.

Not only is the contents of the book amazing but the binding and format is also a real treat. With a hard cover and small square body it’s the perfect adornment to any designer’s bookshelf, no matter how big your living space. Everyhey is the perfect example of a design book which can be inspiring purely through visuals—so everyone from every walk of life can enjoy it!

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