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Shillington Book Club: Herb Lubalin Typographer by Unit Editions

Clay Allison, Student Experience Manager, London

Herb Lubalin Typographer
Author/Publisher: Unit Editions

Typography has always been something that’s intrigued me. From eye-catching packaging in the grocery store to the record sleeves of my favourite bands—it’s always been my most loved part of any design. Anyone with a penchant for type and logos will be familiar with design legend Herb Lubalin. An absolute master of his craft he lent his skills to hundreds of projects over the trajectory of his career.

Unit Editions have nailed it once again with this fantastic book containing a whole range of Herb’s type based work including a series of spreads from his work on the pioneering Ginzburg magazines of the 1960’s.

I’d highly recommend this book for anyone interested in Herb Lubalin’s work or just after a new book showcasing some luscious type!

Aside from its contents the book itself is a real treat, printed monochromatically in tonal orange and light enough to carry around for the old commute!

Buy a copy here!

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