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Shillington Book Club: House by House Industries

Ed Baptist, Full-time Teacher, Manchester

Author/Publisher: House Industries / Die Gestalten Verlag

If you’ve seen any of my other blog posts you’ll probably gather I’m a massive House Industries fanboy! This book is far and away the most amazing book I own, every page is filled with their stunning work, process, hilarious/inspiring stories of their hustle ethic and dream collaborations.

These guys were on the forefront of the digital type revolution, especially when it came to display typefaces.

They made the leap from lettering to type design with incredible flair, often having their beautifully crafted, one-off custom lettering spotted and requested as fully working fonts. With a penchant for going overboard, each font series release would come with stunning custom artwork, delivered in ridiculously over-the-top, fancy packaging.

Almost every page has a minimum of 3-4 crazy print techniques, from metallic overprinting to hidden uv layers, this book is bonkers and I love it. I’m sure the pictures here won’t even come close to doing it justice. If you love exploring the versatility of type and lettering, creating typographic lock-ups and logotypes jammed full of personality then this is the book of your wildest dreams.

If you’re lucky enough to find a copy you’ll unfortunately be stumping up well over £100! I managed to get mine way cheaper on first release which is why I’d suggest you get your order in for their latest release “House Industries: The Process is the Inspiration” due to be released this July.

Buy a copy!

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