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What Industry Thinks of Shillington: Frost*collective

In our new series ‘What Industry Thinks of Shillington’ we reached out to the creative industry brains trust to ask them what they think of our driven, talented and amazing graduates! We hear from creative directors and colleagues alike, to get an insider peek into why they hired our Shillumni and what it’s like to have one on their team.

We chatted to Anthony Donovan, Group Creative Director at Frost*collective. Read on to hear his insights, and stay till the end for some great career advice for recent graduates and junior designers looking to take that next big leap.

You review many portfolios on a daily basis. Can you tell us what stands out from the applications you review and how do Shillington graduates stand out?

IDEAS! The good folios shine because of them. The briefs/projects help too, they seem to more aligned to the real world than other colleges.

What has your experience been working with a Shillington graduate on your team?

In recent memory it’s been Johnny Boardman, Benny Hinman and Abbey Swinn—we love them all, so it wouldn’t be fair to single one out. All have come into our studio hungry to contribute and learn.

Did you know much about Shillington before looking at the portfolio of these graduates? And do you think the quality met a standard expected from studios hiring designers?

Yes, absolutely.

The quality of graduates is fantastic especially when you consider they only studied for 3 months prior.

Are there any tips you could give to recent graduates or junior designers when going on an interview?

Interviews are a chemistry check. Can we work with this person, and are we the right fit for them? It’s about getting to know as much as possible about someone in 30 minutes. We like to hear their story and the story and process behind the work—so best come prepared!

 Lastly, what do you expect to receive from an applicant and are there any key skills you look for in a designer?

Original ideas brought to life with beautifully crafted design! It’s also a big help to have an ‘and’. Design ‘and’ animation abilities, or design and UI etc.

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