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Shillington Book Club: Pretty Much Everything by Aaron Draplin

Andy Judd, London Full-time Teacher

Draplin Design Co. Pretty Much Everything
Author/Publisher: Aaron Draplin

Pretty much everything is a book that explores the work of American designer Aaron James Draplin. It’s a truly amazing book, that gives you an insight into his weird and wonderful life and more importantly what makes him tick as a designer. The book is filled with life stories, sketches, process, mad ramblings, free advice, logos, posters, space shuttle tributes and hoarding.

Aaron Draplin designs with humour and bold confidence.

He is mostly known for his creation of logos, thick lines, vector based graphics, bold typography and his famous side project ‘Field Notes’ a designer’s notebook dream.

Draplin has a ‘work hard, enthusiastically and be nice to people approach’ to his work and life. He can often be found raiding local flee markets for any hidden design gems that he can use as influence in his own design. In his studio Draplin has trays and trays of everyday things such as badges, posters, patches and packaging. From the unique and unusual to the forgotten everyday objects—finding beauty in the mundane. He teaches you to look at things differently and to always turn shit over, hidden features await—keep on junking.

“work hard, enthusiastically, and be nice to people”—words to live by, by Aaron James Draplin

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