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Rapid-Fire Design Advice—25 Pointers from Hat-Trick’s Gareth Howat


Gareth Howat worked at The Partners before setting up Hat-Trick Design Studio with fellow designer Jim Sutherland. Since forming in 2001, Hat-Trick has developed an impressive client list featuring The Natural History Museum, The British Heart Foundation & Royal Mail. Alongside designing for iconic British companies they can be seen curating miniature exhibitions or continuing their proactive approach to personal projects, having designed a typography inspired chess set as well as bespoke playing cards.

While visiting #shillolon, Gareth shared 25 points to remember as a designer—each an invaluable reminder no matter which point of your design career you’re at.

  1. Work hard
  2. Do good work
  3. Work together
  4. Work with odd people
  5. Stand out
  6. Be enthusiastic
  7. Make the most of every opportunity
  8. Work for people you like
  9. Learn to listen
  10. Look at the problem
  11. Scare yourself, you’ll learn more
  12. Don’t avoid the obvious
  13. Use notebooks
  14. Use your hands
  15. Play
  16. Be obsessive
  17. Have an argument
  18. Research things to death
  19. Be a sponge
  20. Think big
  21. Think small
  22. Enjoy it
  23. Do more
  24. Don’t give up
  25. Carry on learning

Huge thanks to Gareth for taking to time to visit #shillolon and inspire our current bunch of design students. If you’re looking for more Hat-Trick inspiration head over to their website where there’s lots of videos of their projects—don’t leave without visiting the shop as it’s bursting with design related treats!

Hat-Trick are on Twitter and Instagram should you want daily updates.

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