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Shillington Book Club: Typorama by Alice Morgaine

Amy Prus, London Full-time Teacher

Typorama, The Graphic Work of Philippe Apeloig
Author/Publisher:  Alice Morgaine/Thames & Hudson

Typorama is a book that explores the work of French Designer Philippe Apeloig. Published  by Thames and Hudson, especially for the Typorama exhibition, a retrospective of Apeloig’s 30 year career.

Apeloig’s work is connected to modernist movements, fusing art and design. He predominantly works for museums and cultural institutions. Creating distinctive brochures, posters, typefaces, exhibitions and logos.

Within this book Apeloig showcases his inspiration, creative process as well as his extensive range of work.

What I like about Apeolig is his inspiration comes from of a wide range of sources such as art, photography, cinema, architecture, literature, dance and music. This, I think, is what makes Apeloig’s style so experimental and original, to draw upon references like these keeps you learning and thinking, giving you infinite possibilities.

Seeing Apeloig’s creative journey through sketches and workings is my favourite section of this book. You really get a feel for his process, showing how much experimentation and variations are involved when creating a piece of work.


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