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15 Unbiased Reviews of Shillington

In the last year, 70+ people shared new reviews for Shillington Education on Google and Yelp. Curious what they had to say? Check out this curation of 15 unbiased student reviews of Shillington across all six international campuses.

Read on, and also be sure to click through to the complete reviews of Shillington in New York, London, Manchester, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Hear about graduates’ authentic experiences, get tips for prospective students and hear how studying at Shillington changed their careers and lives.

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Tally T.

Read Tally’s complete Shillington review on Google

At first it felt like a huge risk quitting the steady career I had built for years, but Shillington has genuinely been the best investment and career choice I’ve ever made!

I can honestly say that I have learnt more in the 9 months at Shillington than I did in the 3 years at university and know others that would say the same! Shillington is a well-recognised course in the design industry, with grads all over the globe smashing it whether they work for huge agencies, own their own studio or are amazing freelancers.

Erik R.

Read Erik’s complete Shillington review on Google

I am so grateful to Shillington. I got my job after 2 weeks I graduated.

Emily C.

Read Emily’s complete Shillington review on Yelp

It’s not your average college or class, the immersive teaching styles let you learn practical skills in such a short time. The teachers are knowledgable, dedicated, and beyond helpful.The course itself is intense, but you’re not alone, and the effort is well worth the reward. Going into Shillington, I was really skeptical that someone who wasn’t an artist would be able to design like the Shillington website showcases.

After finishing a degree in Psychology and working in Marketing, I took the chance and applied to Shillington. I saw all the positive reviews and really wasn’t sure how they could *all* be positive. By day one at school I realized why.

The course is thorough and covers so many non-traditional scopes of design, and is really meant to get you ready for day-to-day life as a designer.

Elizabeth D.

Read Elizabeth’s complete Shillington review on Yelp

I graduated from Shillington in April 2018. 5 months later I am the happiest I have ever been, working as a designer at The Wall Street Journal. Shillington not only gave me the skills to be a designer but it also gave me the validation to explore my creativity and push the boundaries of my potential. It was the best thing I have ever done.

Romayne G.

Read Romayne’s complete Shillington review on Google

Shillington was the obvious choice as after almost 11 years of medical training I did not want to spend another 3 or 4 back in University to change careers. I had a good friend who had gone to Shillington and recommended the course, and after attending an Info Session I could see the quality of work coming out of Shillington and really wanted to be at that level.

Mykayla B

Read Mykayla’s complete Shillington review on Google

Incredible mentors, excellent curriculum and you leave with a portfolio, website and design network connections ready to start your design career… in 3 months!

I know it seems impossible but trust the process, work hard and then work harder and you’ll leave shillo feeling confident in your designs and in yourself as a designer.

Santiago H.

Read Santiago’s complete Shillington review on Google

Approach is mega practical and intense, the more software you can learn before you start the better it will be for you. It helped me land a junior role pretty much straight-away. Thanks to a mint body of work I was able to produce during my time there. They give you the tools, you just need to use them.

Bobby H.

Read Bobby’s complete Shillington review on Google

Prior to Shillington, I was a bit lost and stressed about what I was going to do with this little life of mine. Shillington was the best 3 months of my life, and after that 3 months, it only took a few weeks of job hunting to land one.

It would suck to be chasing one of those careers where you have to spend 4+ years at uni, and it’s so good that at Shillington, you can be equipped with all the skills you need to get a full time job in design in just 12 weeks. I’ve spent almost 2 years out of Shillington in the workforce and I can honestly say I’ve not struggled once with technical skills. You will be an absolute boss at Adobe Creative Suite if you apply yourself in those 12 weeks.

Just do it, and do it to the best of your ability. It’ll be worth it.

Ghia Z.

Read Ghia’s complete Shillington review on Google

If only all things were taught the way they are at Shillington the world would be a much better place.

The environment, course design and outcome is simply brilliant. It has changed the way I conduct myself and the way I can contribute and initiate creative projects and see them through to finish. Could not recommend enough!

James B.

Read James’s complete Shillington review on Google

From day one at Shillington I was happy, happier than I’d been for a long time.

I got to do creative things every day and talk about creative things with creative people, it was heaven. I honestly couldn’t get enough. I learned so much over those 3 months and met some fantastic people. The tutors were outstanding and I really do feel that the course was worth every penny and to top it all off, I was able to leave with a portfolio of work that was enough to get my foot in the door of the creative industry.

Nina R.

Read Nina’s complete Shillington review on Yelp

If you are passionate about design DO IT. If you do not have time to go back to school for years DO IT.  Best Experience.  Teaches are amazing and always willing to share their knowledge with you. You never feel like you are alone. Full time course is intense but so worth it. If you want a slower pace and more time to work on things part time seems to be the way to go. No regrets.

Mayte P.

Read Mayte’s complete Shillington review on Google

Best decision I ever made.

It’s just been less than two years since I graduated from Shillington and I currently work as a freelance graphic designer, I have clients from all over the place, and I get to travel as I work.

I cannot say enough good things about this course, it is perfectly designed to make you a rockstar and be confident about your skills. The only warning is to be prepared for hard work, but it definitely pays off.

Lauren K.

Read Lauren’s complete Shillington review on Google

I had the classic university experience 10 years ago and really struggled with the traditional approach to learning involving long lectures, textbooks, and exams. Shillington seemed to have the complete opposite approach. It seriously prepared me for being a designer in the real-world. We’re so used to working with tight deadlines and are absolute guns when it comes to creative brainstorming and researching before hitting the computer! It didn’t feel like going to school, it felt like going to work at a studio each day. Studying design at Shillington was the perfect fit for me!

Jane D.

Read Jane’s complete Shillington review on Google

amazing! truly life changing. new skills, new confidence, new life. can’t recommend it more highly

Golnoosh A.

Read Golnoosh’s complete Shillington review on Google

I studied at Shillington NYC. I can’t thank my teachers and the institute enough for what they have given me. It is truly a major accomplishment for Shillington to come up with an incredibly effective and life-changing program that is on par with other four-year college degrees. I was recently invited for interviews at 5 different design graduate programs, and the majority of my portfolio pieces submitted for the application had been projects done at Shillington.

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