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Succeeding in Digital Advertising & Other Advice from Hollie Newton

As our world changes, so do consumers and how we reach them. The rise of technology has placed a greater emphasis on digital advertising–an approach that is more dynamic and customizable than the static tools of the past. Hence, creative portfolios should the reflect the skill and understanding of these new ad technologies.

At this year’s Advertising Portfolio Masterclass led by The Dots in partnership with Shillington, we had the opportunity to hear from some truly gifted creatives with digital advertising experience. One such person was Hollie Newton, the Executive Creative Director at Sunshine and former Creative Director at Grey London.

As expected, Hollie provided invaluable insight about finding your stride and ultimately succeeding within a creative agency. Her advice about taking chances with ideas and not being afraid to get it “wrong” was revelatory. To hear such encouragement from someone at her level provided a sigh of relief for many budding creatives. After all, imagination and fear can’t coexist. Hollie’s advice was relevant not only for digital advertising professionals for all creatives.

About the Video

In the above video, Hollie shares additional gems such as, “Don’t go to the coolest agency. When you’re starting out, go to the agency that wants to be the greatest.” She further explains that it’s more difficult to make an impact in a company that has already reached a notable level of success and likely has a way of doing things. For aspiring creatives, building a career somewhere that’s, perhaps, second tier, can be just what you need to flex your creative muscles and expand your traditional or digital advertising portfolio.

We support such ideas at Shillington. Part of our mission includes providing as much real world insight as possible. As a result, our students are better prepared to start creative careers of their own following graduation. Whether or not digital advertising is your thing, we highly recommend watching more portfolio advice from the Masterclass.

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