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Shillington Book Club: Impact Series by Unit Editions

Hilary Archer, London Full-time Teacher

Impact Series (1.0 & 2.0)
Author/Publisher: Unit Editions

Impact 1.0 and 2.0 are a fantastic two-part series by the legendary Unit Editions that explore the cover designs of design magazines, journals and periodicals from 1922 through to 2016 covering many topics—graphic design, typography, architecture, interiors, print, theory and history.

I love a magazine cover for its immediate ability to both encapsulate and communicate to a wide audience the current state of the world.

It is the best representation of design communication within the the wider context of the current social, economical, and political climate and there is no better place to view the changes and evolutions in graphic design and the way we communicate visually. In their own right, they are a kind of cultural artefact of design.

As the book suggests: “There’s no better place to view the stylistic rollercoaster of graphic design than the covers of design magazines”—it’s a fast-track education in the history of design and typography. As we head deeper into the age of hand-held devices, covers will become obsolete. So, it is for this reason that preserving and archiving these documents of international design, one cover at a time, is beyond useful.”

Beautifully designed, I think the books are an excellent glimpse into the influences on graphic design over the years and a relevant read for any graphic designer! Find out more about the Impact Series Editor and Unit Editions Co-Founder Adrian Shaughnessy by watching his talk about during his recent visit to our London campus.

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Image featured (Impact 1.0 only)

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