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Meet Beth Drummond: Design Director, Bulletproof London

We’re proud to announce, that for the second year, Shillington is partnering with Bulletproof for our 2022 Diversity in Design Full Scholarship & Industry Mentorship opportunities—providing a career-changing opportunity to aspiring designers from underrepresented groups.

Want to know what Bulletproof is looking for in London? Read on to hear from Beth Drummond, Design Director at Bulletproof London. 

What does Diversity in Design mean to you?

Diversity in design for me means we have creatives who each bring unique perspectives, ideas and narratives to the table which ultimately generates much more culturally relevant and compelling ideas.

I’ve sat in crits where each designer has brought the same Pinterest reference and sadly the ideas all blend into each other. If everyone in the room has had a similar upbringing, or all have the exact same interests and conversations, then the ideas generated are limited and are only going to appeal to those in the room. We need diversity to challenge briefs, the industry, and to create new conversations which ultimately will help us to inspire each other.

What are you looking for in an application?

A true passion for ideas. Execution and craft are important, however this can be taught and learnt over time. I also like to see depth in the idea, from showing the original research or insight identified,

all the way to how you expand out and run with the idea. It’s so exciting when I see portfolios where you can see that original idea stem into a rich Brand World.

What can the winner expect from the five mentorship sessions?

A truly nurturing, honest, and inspiring mentorship. I started at Bulletproof as an intern, so I can speak from first-hand experience.

As an agency, there is nothing more important to us than nurturing fresh talent so at every mentorship session you’ll find there is real time and dedication given. Each session will be inspiring and give a true insight into the industry while arming you with the knowledge you need to get going.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I always tell new talent to just remember how much the industry needs you. Never forget that you have a unique power, raw ideas, tons of energy and no fear of any brief. Embrace the challenges, ask questions, work hard and be yourself!

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