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Meet Matty Johnson: Creative Director, Bulletproof Sydney

We’re proud to announce, that for the second year, Shillington is partnering with Bulletproof for our 2022 Diversity in Design Full Scholarship & Industry Mentorship opportunities—providing a career-changing opportunity to aspiring designers from underrepresented groups.

Want to know what Bulletproof is looking for in Sydney? Read on to hear from Matty Johnson, Creative Director at Bulletproof Sydney.

What does Diversity in Design mean to you?

Australia is a hugely diverse country—diverse in language, religion, culture, race, landscape and stories. it’s what makes it a wonderful place to live. We’re an agency that is tasked with designing brands for that country—so for us to best understand and be creative in that space, we need to reflect that diversity in our own.

Richer perspectives, different conversations and varied backgrounds all breed better ideas. Diversity in design for us means our studio reflecting the real, diverse world.

What are you looking for in an application?

Ideas are king—we’re an agency founded on the challenge to ‘make ideas bulletproof’. That challenge still drives each of our studios—and that’s what I’d love to see in the applications:

Big ideas, and depth in thinking.

Ideas are supplemented through craft, execution and iteration—but a strong idea is what makes it all tie together and ultimately worth the effort.

What can the winner expect from the five mentorship sessions?

We’re one of the younger studios in Bulletproof—so you can expect attentive, tailored and dedicated advice from each and every one of our amazing Aus team.

We’ll want to know, what you want to know—and what you want to achieve. We’ll strive to get you there, with hopefully a smile on your face along the way

Anything else you’d like to share?

It should be a learning opportunity for us both—we’ll want to know what new designers are looking for in a studio—and how we can make ours better, more open and more comfortable. Honest feedback is important all around.

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