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2 Shillington Students Named GDUSA Students to Watch 2020

Graphic Design USA

Congratulations to New York graduates Jess Di Scipio and Chris Calmeyer for the GDUSA Students to Watch in 2020 feature! We are so proud when the work of our students gets recognized by the design industry. 

Jess Di Scipio

“I am Jess; I am a bit of this and a bit of that. A conceptual and critical thinker. An introvert-extrovert. A designer and marketer. A humble Aussie with New York ambition. I have four years of experience in the marketing industry and am now a recent graduate of Shillington School of Design. What I discovered during the course was my ambition to solve problems visually with strategic intent. What my marketing experience has taught me is how to be purposeful and tactical and also how to analyze problems and discover meaningful solutions. I am excited in the research phase; this is where the magic happens. I tend to be methodical and sometimes an over-thinker, however, I believe this is important. I dot all the I’s and cross all the t’s. So I am not just a marketer, not just a designer and not just a photographer. I am a hybrid creative and I relish in the ability to merge the lines.”

Read Jess’s GDUSA’s Students to Watch 2020 profile and check out her website.

Chris Calmeyer

“It took Chris 10 years of bartending gigs and sitting on a (near useless) BA before packing up his car and driving cross country to NYC for a course at Shillington in 2018. He’s back now in California, enjoying his time with his pups and nabbing a position as an apparel designer in San Francisco with his newfound design knowledge. Chris is a publisher of zines, lover of all things sci-fi and is really bad at talking about himself.”

Read Chris’s GDUSA’s Students to Watch 2020 profile and check out her website.

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