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21 Unbiased Reviews of Shillington Education From Previous Students

In the last year, 70+ people shared new reviews for Shillington Education on Google. Curious what they had to say? Check out this curation of 21 unbiased student reviews of Shillington across all six international campuses.

Read on, and also be sure to click through to the complete reviews of Shillington in New York, London, Manchester, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. And even if you’re not based in one of these cities, you can now study with us from anywhere! Introducing our online course—check out some graduate testimonials here and here! Hear about graduates’ authentic experiences, get tips for prospective students and hear how studying at Shillington changed their careers and lives.

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1. Mia D.

“I decided to change career in 2017 and in 2018 I enrolled for the full-time graphic design course at the Manchester campus of Shillington College. I started with no knowledge about graphic design, having studied languages and communication & marketing. I came out after 3 months as a graphic designer and immediately found my first job as such. I am now a happy graphic designer, running my own studio.”

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2. Matt M. 

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3. Jessica M. 

“I cannot recommend this course enough. I decided to enrol at Shillington after considering a change in career paths. I spoke to a senior designer who said, “You can always spot a Shillington portfolio a mile away.” which sealed the deal. I graduated during lockdown so had the course transition fairly smoothly from in-class to online.

The college as a whole pulled out all the stops to make sure everyone was happy with the education they were receiving under unusual circumstances. Even after graduation, there are resources to help you stay inspired and keep developing to where you want to be.”

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4. Csaba D. 

“The teachers are approachable, understanding, fun and have such an amazing level of expertise and insight. I went in to Shillington with little-to-no experience and in 3 months have an industry-standard portfolio and skills that are already getting me paid freelance work.”

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5. Kinda S. 

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6. Marc M. 

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7. Debora C. 

“I loved going to Shillington! It was perfect to carry on working, all the briefs/modules were presented in a real Design Studio setting, the equipment provided wass top of the line, the class size really small, and having 2 teachers per class means you really get a lot of support. If you’re on the fence, DO IT.”

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8. Alice C. 

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9. Sylvan H.

“During and after four years of design school and freelance gigs, I still felt like my workflow / creative process wasn’t really defined yet. Every project began with the question “where do I start?”. I knew I needed to search for something out of my comfort zone.

So after my graduation, I decided to look for something exciting and I basically found out about Shillington through a Facebook ad! One of the rare times I wasn’t annoyed by Facebook ads, it seemed interesting knowing the situation and I clicked it. Best choice I made.”

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10. Charlotte D K. 

“When I was looking for a graphic design course in New York, I was mostly overwhelmed by the amount of different options. Unfortunately, most courses were 1+ years and for a lot of them I still needed to be in college. I was on the verge of giving up, until I discovered Shillington. My experience at Shillington was amazing, I met so many new people while learning everything there is to know about design. I never met teachers who were so patient and caring as the teachers at Shillington. This course was worth every dollar, every tear and every sleepless night.”

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11. Cindy P. 

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12. Geli B. 

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13. Darsh S. 

“My time at Shillington was unreal. The course takes you on a whirlwind ride and plunges you straight into feeling like you’re working in a design studio. My teachers Sam, Missy, Karin and Tim were genuinely amazing designers already, so their knowledge and expertise is real-world and relevant.

I’d recommend the course at Shillington to anyone who wants to switch careers into design. Shillington’s handling of the impacts of COVID-19 and ensuring the transition to digital learning was as smooth as possible is testament to their recognition as a world class institution.”

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14. Vera Z. 

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15. Marcus P. 

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16. Lua B. 

“I went to Shillington in February 2019. I started a university degree back in Barcelona, and I ended up leaving because I didn’t like the way professors where teaching. As a passionate of graphic design I’m very autodidact and I learned a lot by trying and trying. But when I arrived at Shillington, the experience I recived and all the knowledge I learned, make me become the great designer I’m today. The best student experience of my life!!”

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17. Karina A. 

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18. Sydney S.

“As a school teacher, I went into Shillington with no experience and was skeptical at how this short course could prep me into a new industry. However, I learnt to trust the process and push myself in each project. The final portfolio still amazes me because it was beyond what I thought I could do.”

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19. Uma M. 

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20. Ping L. 

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21. Karen L 

“Going to Shillington is the best decision I’ve ever made! I had zero design experience coming into this course. The teachers are really supportive and really took their time with individual students to help them with everything. The course really covered a lot of what graphic design is able to accomplish, which helped me understand my career options. Having teachers working in the design industry was really beneficial! They really provided some great tips!”

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