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18 Unbiased Reviews of Shillington

In the last year, 50+ people shared new reviews for Shillington Education on Google. Curious what they had to say? Check out this curation of 18 unbiased student reviews of Shillington across all six international campuses.

Read on, and also be sure to click through to the complete reviews of Shillington in New York, London, Manchester, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Hear about graduates’ authentic experiences, get tips for prospective students and hear how studying at Shillington changed their careers and lives.

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Viet P. 

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I attended the full time course at Shillington NYC as I wanted to switch my career to become a Graphic Designer. Shillington has provided me with what I need for the long run in the creative industry. I have not only learned about design principles and theory but also upgraded my technical design skills.

I still remember one of the teachers telling us during portfolio time: “Nothing amazing in life comes easy, you have to work hard for it!” So if you have a strong passion and would like a change, go for it!!! Don’t hesitate! You will love your time at Shillington just as much as I did. 

Angeline C.

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I’m from Melbourne, but studied abroad in New York. What better place to study design where inspiration is constantly in the air, in your face and on your subway home?! I was on an M1 vocational student visa, Shillington make it super easy to help process this.

I loved the idea of studying for three months, I had a good feeling about Shillington after going to an info session, one of the grad exhibitions and getting advice from a friend who is a Shillumni. Ironically their website design and vibes Shillington gave off resonated with me too!

It’s crazy what you can achieve and how much your design eye evolves over the course of three months!

Eleanor R. 

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Shillington was exactly what I was looking for, allowing me to retrain without going back to university. I already had basic software skills, but the course filled in the gaps while developing my eye and creative problem-solving abilities. The teachers were fantastic and I am still amazed by how they teach so much in such a short time. It must require huge organisation and planning.

Each brief was designed to test us to our absolute limits, and the pace was judged to perfection. From day one – when we were given a box of pipe cleaners to facilitate a bonding exercise—I felt excited and happy to be at Shillington. 

The atmosphere encouraged creativity while also being structured and supportive. I would highly recommend the course to anyone looking to develop their creative skills or change career direction. It’s hard work, but it is worth every penny and late night.

Christopher B. 

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Studying at Shillington is honestly the best decision I have made in my life—It has the perfect learning environment, positive energy and the teachers are second-to-none. I have gained more from this experience than I could ever imagine, and I am now equipped with all the essential skills to set myself up for future success.

Lauren D.

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I always wanted to work in the creative industry but struggled with “imposter syndrome” and felt I needed a solid portfolio and skill set to launch my creative career. I did quite a bit of research on where I wanted to study and I couldn’t go past all the student reviews of Shillington. The full time short term course was also ideal for my situation.

The reviews were so accurate. 

It really is a super challenging but rewarding experience. I’m still blown away with how much I learned in that time and the standard of work I produced coming out of the course.

Josiah N.

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Fantastic course and amazing experience! The teachers loved us and loved their craft, and refused to let us be content with being pretty good.

I’m so grateful for everything they did for us, as well as the amazing group of classmates and designers I got to share every day with.

Sheena C.

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I got to learn how to use the softwares and various applications. Made new friends from different countries. Our lecturers shared with us their experiences and expertise with us. We also had special guests speakers from the industry to share what’s happening in the design scene, and that really inspired my classmates a lot!

Now I’m back in Singapore doing graphic design for a girls magazine called Kallos! I’ve been doing up new graphics on their social media page, working on some new merchandise. So far, it has been really fun and rewarding because I can put what I learned into practice.

I just what to encourage people who are sitting on the fence if they should pick up this course or not. Be brave and be bold! There is more!

Kelly O.

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I went in with a curiosity for design and the hope that I could find a way to make a career out of it and came out with the exact knowledge and tools I needed to make the change. The teachers are absolutely amazing, honestly just the entire experience was incredible.

I got a design job in under a month from graduating and projects I’ve made at Shillington have won a few awards.

If you’re thinking of trying it, you honestly have to just make the jump. You won’t regret it at all!

Kristina M.

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To say that this experience was invaluable is an understatement; it was crucial not only for my development as a creative but also as a human being in general.

I went into Shillington with the intention to learn more about the design industry and strengthen my understanding of creative processes. I wanted to learn to produce quality design work that has genuine influence and integrity behind it.

Although the three months of learning were intense and extremely challenging, they were also incredibly fulfilling. I was able to explore my ambitions and establish creative license through everyday practice on the tools and engagement with the community.

Coming out of Shillington, I was welcomed by the creative community and saw an incredible amount of opportunities open.

Alessandra C. 

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I loved studying at Shillington. There was a great energy in the class and everything was very well thought out. I think I’ve never been in a more inspiring and efficient course in my life. I learned a specific creative process that really opened my mind. I think that in just 3 months I achieved much more than I ever did in my BA.

Babeth O. H.

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If you are interested in design, willing to work hard and get as much out of the course as possible, then Shillington is the best place to go to learn graphic design. 

It’s so much more than only learning the theory behind graphic design. You’ll learn the design thinking and how to turn that into a great visual design.

The teachers are great, they make you feel at home and take your ideas and work seriously.  I was surrounded with people who all had the same goal: becoming a graphic designer.

Georgia B.

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I was lucky enough to be a part of the February 2019 Full-time semester (3 months) with a group of the nicest, most talented people from all over the world! Shillington provides a fast paced, in depth course that concludes with an amazing portfolio of your best work – mind-blowing considering I had barely touched Adobe software before I started! Would do it all again in a heart beat. Thank you!

Stephanie H.

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Shillington taught me how to work hard and push myself creatively. The curriculum at Shillington is fast pace, and there is no room for slacking off. You get what you put into it and you have to put a lot into it to survive the 3 months. If you care, you’ll come out of there with a keen eye for design, a strong work ethic and super applicable tools for your creative process.

I use things I learned at Shillington every single day.

Jared W.

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There’s no need to be skeptical! Dive straight in, give it 100% of your effort and you’ll get so much back in return.

You’ll get to learn from designers who have incredible experience and who will help you get started in the industry. I can’t recommend it enough, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Chrissie O.

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I attended Shillington College of Graphic Design at the Sydney campus in a full time capacity which was an exciting decision for me. I completely did a 180 from working full time after many years to studying full time.

I was unsure of how it would all turn out but looking back can advise it was well worth diving in and meeting liked minded new friends and enter a new community.

We all quickly discovered how hard we would work but it saw us produce a large variety of creative and fun projects. We had fun always along the way and learned so much from each other as we all had different abilities and it was truly wonderful to discover different methods and techniques and evolve our designs in a supportive environment.

Jai L.

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What an experience! I started with no technical Adobe Suite knowledge and a heart full of passion and excitement and finished with a working knowledge of Adobe Suite, a group of amazing people I can now call friends, a portfolio of work that I am proud of and a creative support network.

Megan V.

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I love learning new things and studying them intensively, so the 3-month full time option at Shillington ended up being perfect for my learning style. After the course I felt industry-ready and was able to jump straight into a design role.

Kris K.

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Shillington was fast paced, sometimes stressful and on more than one occasion I didn’t think I’d finish. But I did! and it was one of the best things I’ve done for my career.

Before I started I was worried about the financial investment and the timeframe and I can say that it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made and has taken my career to the level I wanted it to be at.

It is a quick course but it is packed with everything you will need in the industry and none of the filler. The teachers were incredible, knowledgable and supportive throughout and I can say in all honesty I wouldn’t be doing the variety of work I am without this course. 

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