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The 7 Best Graphic Designers & Creatives from the Netherlands

Have you been keeping up with our studio series? So far we’ve shared our favourite studios from Japan, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and Brazil. Who’s up next? For this feature, we share 7 studios from the Netherlands that inspire us! The charming country brings to mind innovative and minimal design, cycling, windmills, cheese markets, wooden shoes and of course, the canals of Amsterdam.

1. Dog and Pony

Dog and Pony is an Amsterdam based studio that believes in creating designs that are unique and modern with strong ideas and craftsmanship. Their client work spans brand identities, book covers, websites and print. We just love the colorful character illustration design for the A Confederacy of Dunces book. For more design inspiration, follow them on Facebook.

2. Studio Dumbar

Studio Dumbar is a branding agency from Rotterdam specializing in visual identity. They work on interactive, corporate, graphic and environmental projects. We especially liked their identity work for the European Design festival. The design is strong conceptually and inspired by protest movements—employing flag elements and hand-drawn lettering. For more, go to the project to learn about their design process and posters from the series.

3. Design&Practice

Design&Practice is from Amsterdam and their client work focuses on brand identities, print, packaging and art direction for culture, luxury and hospitality industries. Their strategic approach is based on experimentation and artistic research. Their Kalevala design for the Finnish spirits brand packaging is both elegant and minimal with a Nordic aesthetic, representing the heritage brand as high-quality and unique. Stay up to date on their newest design work on Instagram.

4. Since Today

Since Today is a creative agency from Den Haag specializing in communications, brand strategy, art direction, content creation and visual communication. You can follow their Journal that talks about everything from theater, design festivals, music to culture.

5. Studio AIRPORT

Studio AIRPORT is from Utrecht and they work with clients on visual identity, videos and website design. Their approach is to collaborate collectively and not confine design to any one style. The University of Utrecht project involved creating a concept for print and digital that would appeal to young creatives to get more visitors to the school. The vibrant colors, playful design and geometric shapes created a very eye-catching campaign. Follow their blog to hear background stories on projects, articles and behind the scenes of their studio.

6. Staynice

Staynice is a studio located in Breda founded by two brothers. They love illustration and good typography. In every assignment they take on, they strive to create iconic, distinctive work. Be sure to check out their typographic posters—the series is very experimental and quirky using geometric shapes and colorful palettes.

7. Main Studio

Mainstudio is based in Amsterdam and their studio works with art and architecture companies. They won several awards for the best book design around the world! For typography and design updates on their latest projects, follow them on Instagram.

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