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#FridayFive with Shillington Design Teacher Jack Trotman

Inspiration can come from anywhere. So, on the first Friday of each month, we’re sharing some of our Shillington team’s favourite things from the past four weeks. This month, Shillington London Teacher Jack Trotman shares what was on his radar in November.

1. To Follow: Geoff McFetridge

I’ve admired Geoff’s work for a long time now. His surreal illustration style and playful design approach really speaks to me. This is a great interview with him if you want to learn more.

2. To Read: Make It Real: Architecture As Enactment by Sam Jacobs

Make It Real: Architecture As Enactment is a wonderful essay by Sam Jacobs questioning whether architecture is an attempt to make something that isn’t real appear real.

3. To Go: OWT

My wonderful friends OWT have a an amazing restaurant in Leeds. All the produce comes from the local market and the menu changes every month. They have some of the best merch designed by another friend of mine North or Nowt.

4. To Listen: Crack Cloud

More of a collective than a band, Crack Cloud use music as therapy to tackle addiction. Really powerful message in their music and they are stylistically and visually pushing boundaries I thought couldn’t go any further. You’ve got to see them live (when there are gigs again!)

5. Wildcard: The Charlotte Despard

My favourite pub in London needs your help. The Charlotte Despard is a real community and it has a huge place in my heart. One of my friends made a print for them recently.

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