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Future Print Club T-Shirt Design 9 Shillumni Winners

Future Print Club is a project created by Humana Studio with the intention of creating a “community that evokes the power of collaborative work to improve the world.” For season 3, Shillington graduates were asked to submit their artwork for a chance to have their design printed on t-shirts with profits going towards different NGOs of the artists choice. Congratulations to the 9 Shillumni whose t-shirt designs were selected!

Ben Thaler, Cancer Research Institute NGO

Print Futures Ben Thaler

Ben Thaler is a #ShilloNY graduate, independent designer and illustrator, currently living in New York. When asked about his design, Ben explains, “cancer research is a cause that is extremely close to my heart. It’s an awful, lonely disease that affects far more people, friends and families than it should. By pairing a strongly structured layout with light colors and typography, I hoped to create a design that sent a clear and simple message about positivity and the strength of the community.”

Cancer Research Institute supports immunotherapy research and clinical trials with the aim of continuing to fund breakthroughs to cure all types of cancer.

Natalia Shilyaeva, Center for Digital Inclusion NGO

Print Futures Natasha Shilyaeva

Natalia Shilyaeva is a #ShilloMAN graduate, graphic designer and illustrator based in Manchester. She has a passion for digital design and inclusion. She tells us that she chose Recode as the charity of her choice because she’s “passionate about digital design and digital inclusion. I think digital skills are becoming more and more important and this organization is helping to educate people from disadvantaged backgrounds who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access this education.” Plus, she enjoys coding and decided to write ‘I code I live’ in binary.

Recode is a social organization that promotes digital empowerment, use of technology and entrepreneurial training using digital tools.

Jenny Leung, Animal Equality NGO

Print Futures Jenny Leung

The #ShilloLON graduate Jenny Leung began her career as a designer after Shillington and she’s been working for corporations and startups since graduating.

For the artwork she created for Animal Equality, she explains, “ever since becoming a designer I’ve always been passionate about using design as a platform for topics that I believe in and the opportunity to create something for Animal Equality. I wanted to create a fun statement piece in line with my own style which had an underlying important message.”

Animal Equality is an international organization with the aim of ensuring the protection of animals and they work with governments and companies to end cruelty to animals.

Katie Vicary, Create Arts NGO

Print Futures Katie Vicary

Katie Vicary is a #ShilloLON graduate with a background in project management. Shillington allowed her to develop a strong portfolio and transition careers to design. She says that her background in illustration and printmaking allows her to make work that is exciting and expressive, and she especially likes to take on branding and identity briefs.

For the t-shirt artwork, her design was “inspired by the collaborative nature of the charity—they’re based in East London where I live and they do important work in empowering people through the creative arts. They run a photography workshop in my local park, where there were lots of Iris flowers back in May when I designed this—I thought the Iris was a good flower to include as it symbolizes friendship and hope.”

Create is the leading charity empowering lives through the creative arts in the UK.

Lynley Holmwood, Endometriosis Australia NGO

Print Futures Lynley Holmwood

After Shillington, #ShilloMEL graduate Lynley Holmwood used her new design skills to begin a role as an in-house graphic designer in retail, where she creates a diverse range of assets across multiple platforms in varying media, making her work both challenging and rewarding.

For her artwork submission, the concept was based on her personal experience living with the disease and how it has affected her personal relationships. She says, “1 in 9 women suffer from varying degrees of endometriosis, symptoms are varied and can take years to be identified correctly. With my illustration, I wanted to convey how I felt at my worst when you are in the spiral hole of anxiety, pain and uncertainty. I hope by supporting Endometriosis Australia and any funds raised by the sale of my design will further awareness and treatment to help other women suffering from this incurable disease.”

Endometriosis Australia aims to increase recognition of endometriosis and provides educational programming and funding for research.

Ina Arens, Girls Write Now NGO

Print Futures Ina Arens

Ina Arens is a #ShilloLON graduate and prior to Shillington she had spent 12 years running digital campaigns at a global media agency for brands like Playstation, Adidas and Superdry. After leaving the media world, she’s been working as a designer and very happy about her decision and career transition, looking forward to seeing what the next year holds.

For the Future Print Club collaboration, she created a design for Girls Write Now. For the creative concept, she tells us, “at the center of my design is a floating-like female who is reaching for a typewriter. She is ready to write down her story. She looks effortless. Like she is born to write. And write she will. I developed the illustration brief further and designed a range of marketing collateral: bookmarks, posters, postcards and notebooks. Girls Write Now caught my eyes as, many many moons ago, I wrote my master’s thesis about a marginalized people in Canada, who use literature to de-colonize and de-marginalize themselves. So I wanted my design to support a literary cause and create something that would hopefully generate some interest in Girls Write Now and help these talented but marginalized women to get their voices heard.”

Girls Write Now is a New York-based writing and mentoring organization for girls and gender non-conforming youth. 

Mim Chadwick, The Red Card NGO

Print Futures Mim Chadwick

Mim Chadwick is a #ShilloLON graduate who is currently working as a junior designer in London. She loves all things colorful, typographic and photo-based—using these elements to create bold and thought-provoking work.

For the artwork inspiration, Mim says, “I’ve played football from a very early age and have always been completely and utterly obsessed with the sport and the power it can have for good around the world. Show Racism the Red Card uses the high-profile status of football and football players to help tackle racism in society—something that is vitally important and particularly timely in the world right now. I’ve followed Show Racism the Red Card and all the amazing educational work they do for a while now and so it was an easy decision for me on which charity I wanted to design for and promote.”

When designing the illustration, she “played with the scale to maximize the initial impact and used the red card visual with a disparate group of people holding it up to show that we need to collaborate and come together to support ‘Show Racism the Red Card’.”

Show Racism the Red Card is an anti-racism education charity aimed at working with footballers as anti-racist role models to educate against racism throughout society in the UK.

Krista Kucheman, Peace Film Fest NGO

Print Futures Krista Kay

#ShilloLON graduate Krista Kucheman is an American graphic designer and brand consultant whose currently based in London. After Shillington, she launched her design career, working with clients across a variety of industries in the UK and the US.

For the artwork design, she says, “I created a minimalist and ambiguous design exploring themes of expansion and shifting ideologies. The main image is a loose exploration of a ‘library’ and how learning from film, music, books and the arts can shift our perspectives and create understanding. I felt this represented The Global Peace Film Festival, which seeks to create open dialogues, global connection and positive change through film.”

Peace Film Festival uses the power of the moving image for peace, creating a framework for channeling and resolving conflict through non-violence.

Rob Robinson, Go Prosper NGO

Print Futures Rob Robinson

#ShilloNY graduate Rob Robinson had a background working in fashion logistics before coming to Shillington. For The Prosper Foundation, he tells us the artwork he created is “all about nurturing the mental health of our youth. I wanted to focus on a very instrumental tool that is the foundation of that, having a positive mind.”

The Prosper Foundation is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurship, innovation and collaboration using consumer insight.

We’re so proud of our Shillington graduates around the world! For more, follow Print Future Club on Instagram and be sure to pre-order a t-shirt online to support the selected NGOs.

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