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13 Amazing Examples of Shillington Student’s Online Portfolio Pieces

Shillington’s innovative online course is geared towards creating an industry-ready portfolio in just nine months from anywhere in the world. Our students from all across the globe are given creative freedom amongst the many briefs they complete during their study—and with that, bring diverse perspectives and creative solutions as emerging young designers.

We looked back at their stunning portfolios and chose some of our favorites to share with you!

1. MOBE Identity by Joanne Park

Joanne Park’s brand identity consists of a dynamic logo, minimalistic type and striking imagery that all reflect the (often dismissed) psychological effects of torture, which are invisible yet unyielding to the victim. The Museum of Being (MOBE), a torture museum in Los Angeles, needed a brand identity that would distinguish itself and impact visitors beyond just any casual museum visit.

2. Theorem Chalk Packaging by Mira Green

Mira Green created Theorem Chalk—clever and clean packaging for a premium chalk product with mathematicians in mind. Playful math puns, refined typography, and simplified geometric shapes bring renewed interest and life to an ordinary product.

3. Odyssey Labs Digital by Cindy Niu

Cindy Niu designed a digital retrospective for a cutting-edge technology company. Odyssey Labs needed a bold and cutting-edge landing page for their 2021 Year in Review. The mandatory was simple: stand out from competitors, and avoid predictable science and technology clichés. The typography and color palette borrows from vintage science fiction novels. Minimalist, textured gradients add a modern touch.

4. When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go? Handmade by Taylor Skurka

Billie Eilish’s debut studio album is inspired by her experiences with night terrors and lucid dreams. Taylor Skurka designed an artwork that pulls from the album’s emotionally intense lyricism, covering topics from depression and anxiety to heartache and fears.

5. Flatbush Cats Campaign by Katie Doran

Flatbush Cats is a TNR cat rescue located in Brooklyn, NY. This campaign created by Katie Doran aims to raise awareness for a recurring adoption pop-up event of their adoptable street cats. It also includes branded event collateral and merchandise for people who want to rep that they’re a #catpurrson.

6. Alma Branding by Rachel Maynes

Located in São Paulo, Brazil, Alma is a new center celebrating Brazilian culture and the arts. Rachel Mayne’s goal in developing the brand identity for Alma: to capture the rich history of dance, vibrancy and energetic nature of the city of São Paulo.

7. Fable Handmade by Sarah Hayes

Sarah Hayes designed a handmade image treatment using moss and flowers for the record cover of the eighth studio album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.

8. Musa Branding by Ho Wing Wang

Musa Center is a multipurpose event and cultural complex located in the multicultural historical city Alexandria, Egypt. Targeting a young, urban and international audience, Ho Wing Wang created a brand identity that reflects a connection of local culture to a global and contemporary perspective. The modernized color palette, inspired by traditional color pigments of the ancient Egypt, and the geometric illustrations reflect a confluence of Greco-Roman, Egyptian and Islamic culture, echoing the brand name “Musa” derived from the Greek origin of word “mosaic”.

9. Baji Baji Packaging by Shirley Xiao

Shirley Xiao was briefed to create a boutique product sold to a niche market expecting something different and unique. She chose guo-ba (锅巴), a crispy rice cracker she loved from her childhood living in China, targeted for the niche market of ABCs (American-Born Chinese). Shirley named it “Baji Baji” (巴唧巴唧), similar to “nom nom” in Chinese. Color was used sparingly—a classic Chinese red and kraft paper yellow for nostalgic vibes, and she created a bilingual, custom-made logo that feels fun and crunchy—merging traditional and retro graphic elements into an individualistic statement that feels uniquely Asian-American.

10. Signature Magazine by Tanna Solberg

Tanna Solberg designed a cover system and internal spreads for a quarterly music & arts publication—Signature Magazine. The first issue, ‘The Aesthetics of Music,’ is all about art, beauty and taste in music. Signature’s cover and spread layouts needed to reflect the publication’s values—profound, personal, and passionate—while maintaining flexibility for future issues.

11. Museum of the Home Branding by Lauraly Grossman

Lauraly Grossman created a visual identity and awareness campaign to celebrate the opening of the newly rebuilt Museum of the Home. It captures both the physical space and sentimental attachments of home. An isometric logo form serves as the container for symbols of home. It is a room that can be dressed with the textures and sentimental objects of personal identity, comfort and security. The proverb ‘home is where the heart is’ provides a template through which is explored what makes home feel like home. With each answer, there is a story to be told.

12. Cordial Packaging by Yvette Burggren

There’s a growing availability of non-alcoholic cocktails and wines for both the sober and “sober curious” who don’t consume alcohol for various reasons. These consumers love sophisticated design and flavors and are looking for a special drink to enjoy while being social. With the rise of portable cocktails, there is a market for non-alcoholic portable cocktails too. For this brief Yvette Burgen created Cordial—a non-alcoholic spritz crafted for gathering, celebrating, relaxing and any reason in between. This botanical blend marks the special transition from day to night, bringing a twinkle to our eyes, without clouding our minds tonight (or tomorrow).

13. Beam Woodwork Collective Identity by Gloria Roh

Gloria Roh designed a brand and visual identity for Beam, a female woodworking collective. Confident, playful, and uplifting, the brand empowers women to manifest their own creative building ideas.

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