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Amy Gardner

Amy is a Marketing and Communications Assistant at Shillington Sydney. She is an illustrator and skateboarder who loves the beach, train travel and will always stop to pat a dog.
9 Creative Professionals Who Are Merging Wellbeing with Design

The ways in which the practice of design intersects with that of wellbeing are as unique as each discipline. The concept of...

Graphic Design Inspiration & Ideas
5 Types of Flexible Work Schedules for the 21st Century

While alternatives to the old school presentee-ism of the 9-5 office culture have been making news lately, for many...

Keeping On Top Of Things: Creativity, Wellbeing and Business with Monica Davidson, Founder & Director of Creative Plus Business

Monica Davidson is the Founder and Director of Creative Plus Business, an Australian-based social enterprise that educates...

Industry Connections Industry Interviews
Interview with M. Giesser, Director and Communications Designer

Shillington plays host to incredible industry lectures every semester, offering our students the opportunity to learn from and...

Industry Connections Industry Interviews
123 Shillington Finalists, 44 Merits and 2 Distinctions for AGDA Student Design Awards 2020

Incredible news! This year Shillington celebrates a record total of 123 finalists in the AGDA Student Design Awards 2020—at...

Branding Competitions
Meet Chantel Charchalis, Shillington Graduate and Marketing and Content Creator at The Dog Mum

Getting a job straight after graduation was the name of the game for Shillington Brisbane Graduate Chantel Charchalis, so she...

Graduate Interviews Interviews
An Interview With Dave Coleman: Animator, Illustrator & Type Designer

Dave Coleman approaches type design with the eyes of a designer and soul of an illustrator. His typefaces and letterforms are...

Industry Interviews Interviews
Design Case Study: The Wheelers Print and Art Direction with Shillington Teacher Tim King

While the genesis of every passion project is as unique as the designer themselves, there are some projects that have a touch...

Interviews Teacher Interviews
Career Change: One Student’s Journey From Project Manager to Graphic Designer

For Shillington Sydney graduate Karina Aslikyan, discovering the intensive, hands-on nature of the Shillington course at one of...

Graduate Interviews Interviews
Design Case Study: Annette Dennis and Kim Melvin Collaborate on Class of Covid Zine

It's no coincidence that creative agility and adaptability are essential characteristics of both great designers and amazing...

Interviews Teacher Interviews
12 Creative Slack Channels You Should Be Following if You’re in the Design Industry

Since launching our Online Course in September, Slack has become an essential medium for students and teachers to interact in,...

Graphic Design Inspiration & Ideas Resources
Meet Lauren Danger Koste, Shillington Graduate and Studio Manager at The Design Kids

Sometimes, the best thing to do if you want to change careers is to take the leap. For Lauren Danger Koste, the choice to study...

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Oversharing My Selves book design by Annette Dennis
Design Case Study: Book Design for Oversharing My Selves with Shillington Teacher Annette Dennis

Annette Dennis is a Shillington teacher in Melbourne, a graphic designer and art director who specialises in branding, visual...

Graphic Design Inspiration & Ideas Interviews AU
Interview with Joel Moore, AKA Mulga the Artist

Joel Moore, AKA Mulga, is an Australian street artist who is well known for his wildly colourful iconic style. Mulga's work...

Industry Interviews Interviews
#FridayFive with Shillington’s Amy Gardner

Inspiration can come from anywhere. So, on the first Friday of each month, we’re sharing some of our Shillington team’s...

Friday Five Series

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