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Dina Shirin

Dina is the Marketing & Communications Assistant at Shillington. She loves photography, traveling, museums and watching a good movie.
GDUSA Shillington 2020 Winners
17 Shillington Student and Teacher Winners of 2020 American Graphic Design Awards

We're so excited to announce that 11 Shillington graduates and 6 Shillington staff projects were selected for the 2020 American...

Featured Graphic Design Inspiration & Ideas
Get Ahead: Advice from Female Industry Leaders

The shameful statistic that only 11% of creative directors in the design industry are female should never take away from the...

Industry Connections
7 California Creatives
The 10 Best Graphic Design Creatives from California

At Shillington, we love to explore and celebrate great design from around the world. We’ve covered the work of many creatives,...

Around the World Graphic Design Inspiration & Ideas
Print Futures T-Shirt Shillumni Winners
Future Print Club T-Shirt Design 9 Shillumni Winners

Future Print Club is a project created by Humana Studio with the intention of creating a "community that evokes the power of...

Competitions Graphic Design Inspiration & Ideas
BIPOC resources for creatives
BIPOC Resources for Creatives

At Shillington, we've searched the web to bring you a comprehensive list of BIPOC resources—creative directories to explore,...

Graphic Design Inspiration & Ideas Resources
Shillington Graduates Reflect on their Online Learning Experience

Have you been thinking about studying graphic design online? Shillington recently launched a new part-time online course...

Graduate Interviews Shillington
2 Years Since Shillington New York: Natalie Taylor, Designer at Mobkoi

Natalie Taylor discovered Shillington when she was working in a marketing role at a publisher in Oxford. After her role...

Graduate Interviews Interviews US
Design Case Study: Branding and Campaign for Minaxi with Shillington Teacher Shrenik Ganatra

Shrenik Ganatra is a Shillington teacher in New York, a multi-disciplinary designer and songwriter currently based in Brooklyn,...

Graphic Design Inspiration & Ideas Interviews US
From Cupcake Shop Owner to Designer—Mary Lin, Shillington New York Graduate

After a degree in nutrition, Mary Lin founded a cupcake shop which she owned for 4 years in Melbourne. Working in the industry,...

Graduate Interviews Interviews US
17 Advertising Design Examples
17 Advertising Design Examples & Why They Work

From the time you wake up in the morning to the time you go to sleep, you will have seen between 4,000-10,000 ads. That's a lot...

Advertising Graphic Design Inspiration & Ideas
2019 Half Scholarship Shillington Winners
Meet 6 Shillington Half Scholarship Winners from 2019

We're announcing our 2020 Shillington Half Scholarships next month! To build up the excitement, meet six of our 2019 winners...

Graduate Interviews Graphic Design Inspiration & Ideas
2 Years Since Shillington New York: Wyatt Welles, Freelance Graphic Designer

After moving to New York to pursue a career in theater production, Wyatt Welles started working at an Off-Broadway theater...

Graduate Interviews Interviews US
Tips for the Shillington Community: Staying Motivated and Inspired

This is an incredibly challenging period around the world and with restrictions in place, this is a time to pause, reflect and...

Graphic Design Inspiration & Ideas Resources
Indigo Awards winners 2020
Shillington Winners of the 2020 Indigo Awards

The Indigo Design Awards started with the goal of promoting creativity and discovering projects from around the world that are...

Branding Graphic Design Inspiration & Ideas
Discussing remote work with director of brand
Discussing Remote Work with Grace Dawson, Director of Brand at Jones Knowles Ritchie

Grace Dawson is a brand consultant, client partner and reputation builder who believes that the "best work comes from...

Featured Industry Interviews

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