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Panos Tsakiris: Designer & Owner of Pano Design Studio

Panos Tsakiris is a Greek graphic designer working in London. His minimalist and clean aesthetic caught my eye, but 2 of his projects for brand design and packaging were particular standouts for me.

The Riley 20/20 project was for a hangover drink. The typeface and graphic elements for this project were inspired by the effect alcohol has on brain function and eyesight. Both sides of the clear bottle are used—one side has the “20” out of focus and the flip side has the blurry version to portray drunken vision. The graphic elements support a bold, fresh and elegant brand launch for the Riley brothers.

The Carpos project is another clever execution using minimalist packaging for an olive oil brand. The bottle is pure white and designed to mimic an olive tree trunk with no adornments or blemishes but the wood cap. The packaging for the bottle is eco-friendly cardboard with limited type and a beautiful wax seal that has a handwritten batch #. The bottles are limited and ready to ship individually in its own eco-sustainable packaging, structured with no adhesives. The organic form of the bottle and the materials used creates a unique look and adds value to the brand.

Branding Graphic Design Inspiration & Ideas

Submission by
Helen Lee
New York
September 20, 2018

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