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The 10 Best Graphic Designers & Creatives from Colombia

In the creative studio series, we’ve covered the work of designers from MexicoThe NetherlandsJapan, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Brazil. Who’s up next? For this feature, we share the work of ten studios from Colombia, specifically Bogotá, Medellín and Cali. 

This diverse country is home to a thriving creative scene, as you will see by the projects highlighted in this list—everything from design for entertainment to restaurants and publications.

1. Regio (Bogotá)

Regio is a studio working on typographic, letterpress, digital, print and brand identity projects. For Arctic Brownies, they helped to launch a nitrogen-based ice cream for the gelatory, creating a product that is fun, youthful and eclectic by using a vibrant colour palette.

2. Lucho Correa (Bogotá)

Lucho Correa is a studio focused on communication design with an emphasis on corporate image, branding, editorial, packaging and advertising. For Conciertos BBC, they created typographic posters for the entertainment space where the brand was offering a unique experience by presenting local artists.

3. Siegenthaler & Co. (Bogotá)

Siegenthaler & Co. is a branding and design agency that creates the visual identity, communications and packaging for brands. In their approach, they strive for clarity and simplicity through applied empathy, using a limited colour palette, beautiful typography and old-time inspired illustration, creating all the essentials—menus, coasters, business cards and postcards. The main message comes across clearly—at this cafe, you are a special guest.

4. Lully Duque (Bogotá)

Lully Duque is an art director interested in exploring the development of visual communication for arts and culture, specializing in visual identity and branding. Over the last few years, she has worked on urban art projects, combining typography and type art to create unique installations. For the digital strategy agency, Lina Gutierrez, Lully created a brand identity that communicates “versatility and dynamism” through the use of simple design elements and a limited colour scheme.

5. Jhonny Núñez (Cali)

Jhonny Núñez is a designer and illustrator from Southwestern Colombia currently based in Moscow. He’s worked on designs for big brands such as Microsoft, Unilever and WeTransfer. His unique illustrative style is playful and colourful, as you can see in the work for Bacánika Magazine.

6. Absurdo (Cali)

Absurdo helps brands adapt by embracing new channels of communication and media. Through their human-centered approach, they strive to create immersive and engaging experiences, working with major brands. For the seafood restaurant La Carpa, they created the brand concept, visual communication, stationery and photography.

7. Cuantika (Cali)

Cuantika Studio specializes in branding, illustration, audiovisual design, publishing and print. For the Tour Delirio project, they used quirky and colourful illustrations for a motion comic called Salsa and Surveillance, for which a series of female characters were created. The intense neon colours complemented with dark tones reflect the feeling of the night and psychedelia. 

8. Stefhany Lozano (Bogotá)

Stefhany Lozano is a freelance illustrator whose now living and working in Leipzig. Her creative approach is to work freely without an initial concept, allowing the unexpected to unfold. Her inspiration comes from everyday life experiences and the places she’s lived in. From these influences, her drawings are magical and enchanting, revealing to us another world from her perspective. This illustration is consistent in the style of her work and was created for Pitchfork Magazine’s Festival edition.

9. Carola (Medellín)

Oh Carola is a local artist whose work has a lot of personality and playfulness, from her murals to detailed illustrations with a Colombian flavour—a mix of urban and nature.  She finds inspiration in the beauty of her country and family history. For the beer cans project, Carola created analog/digital illustrations for a series of 6 types of beer, each evoking a different personality based on the ingredients.

10. Monocromo (Bogotá)

El Monocromo is a communications design studio founded by the art director Juan Pablo creating identity design, books, newspapers, magazines, packages, websites, album covers and motion graphic videos. For the Colombian Comic and Illustration Festival Entreviñetas, the studio created a visual identity and website design with the purpose of establishing a narrative between the audience and creatives invited to the festival.

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