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The 12 Best Graphic Designers & Creatives from Mexico

At Shillington, we love to celebrate great design and share inspiring projects from creatives around the world. So far we’ve covered the work of studios from Japan, Ireland, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, and Brazil. Who’s up next? For this feature, we share the work of 12 studios from Mexico.

Colour and rich tradition pervade Mexican culture—from folkloric influences and iconography to the rapidly growing art, culinary and design scenes—there’s something for everyone! The projects we explore in this list include the abstract and minimal identity for a healthy juice bar by Savvy, playful packaging for a coffee shop inspired by Chilean street art from ByFutura, and typographic posters for the Pachanga music festival by Mamba.

1. Anagrama

Anagrama is a Monterrey studio with a minimal and beautiful aesthetic that is Swiss-inspired, following in the steps of Josef Müller-Brockmann. For the Kindo children’s boutique, they used a pastel and neon colour palette to that would appeal to kids. “The brand is inspired by a didactic bead maze made up of geometric shapes, and uses simple figures as its base, creating an adaptation with a fun twist.”

2. Cherry Bomb

The Mexico City-based studio Cherry Bomb helps brands find their tone of voice and image. They love to reference pop culture in their designs and use colour and illustration in a complementary way. For Craftingeek, they rebranded the identity for their Arts & Crafts Youtube channel containing DIY tutorial videos.

3. Savvy

Savvy is a studio based in New York and Mexico working with brands ranging from boutique hotels and restaurants to retail spaces and art institutions. Their goal is to “approach the generals and move towards the specific aspects by taking into account all the factors and components that influence the project.” In the Hungry Beast Juice Bar, they were responsible for the cafe’s lively, minimal and bold look, creating a space that is casual and stands out from other health food eateries.

4. ByFutura

ByFutura is a creative studio founded by Vicky González and Iván García. By combining their two different backgrounds, they offer clients both branding and strategic expertise and approach projects by “find[ing] balance between stiffness and rebellion.” They use comic-book style illustration and colourful imagery for the packaging and cafe collateral. For the unique coffee shop, Cafe Buho, the design was inspired by the Chilean urban art and murals of the city streets. “Using a bright colour palette and geometric shapes, we managed to create a brand that attracts attention, which is timeless but appeals to new markets.”

5. Henriquez Lara

Henriquez Lara is a creative studio from Guadalajara dedicated to building timeless brands with specialties in branding, identity, editorial, illustration, and advertising. His illustrations take elements from Mexican iconography, exploring popular imagery such as skeletons, skulls and lucha libre themes, which you can see in the La Diablita Cantina project. The restaurant aimed to be different from all the other canteens in the market, therefore, all the interior design and decorative elements took references from popular culture to create a unique and contemporary feel.

6. Saturna Studio

The Guadalajara based Saturna Studio helps brands find their uniqueness, working with them on visual identity, packaging and editorial. For the Guerrero beer, the design was inspired by the famous Mexican goalkeeper, Jorge Campos, using the geometric shapes from football apparel, combined with the colourful Tropical flavour of Acapulco.

7. Parametro Studio

The Monterrey studio Parametro works with clients across a wide range of industries, including corporate, food, furniture, sport, and health. For Grand Cru, they created an identity that would elevate the brand image as a quality chocolate bar. To create a nostalgic feel for the wrapper, they used decorative flourishes, metallic finish and vintage type. Each chocolate bar has a unique colour to distinguish the different flavours.

8. Heavy

The Guadalajara studio Heavy specializes in branding and identity work for their clients. For the Campirano Los Cabos gastro-festival, they created a new typeface with fish-tail serifs that alludes to the Mexican countryside. The colours add to a fresh vibe, combined with vintage type that creates a classical feeling.

9. Mamba

Mamba is a graphic communication studio from Mexico City. They favour simplicity and utilize geometry in their designs. For the Pachanga Festival of music, arts and food, Mamba created a poster series using playful type for the festival name and a typography-driven layout that is simple yet striking.

10. Menta

Menta is a Guadalajara design studio that focuses on the craft to evoke a nostalgia in the packaging for the brands they work with. For Savon, they created a series of botanical illustrations inspired by French apothecary and perfume labels, creating a typographic pattern for the soap bars.

11. Cocoa

Cocoa is a Jalisco design studio that actively pushes for innovation and improving the visual perception of the brands they work with. The Mis Mojitos packaging conjures the aura of old-time Cuba through the choice of illustration, colours, and typography. The tin can makes for a great collectible item too!

12. Firmalt

The Monterrey multidisciplinary agency Firmalt provides unique positioning for brands by using strong visual concepts. The studio created the naming, branding, packaging, and collateral for the Maraca brand—a cold brew for on-the-go coffee drinkers. The identity exudes an active and fun energy by using unique colour pairings for contrast, playful illustrations, and rough wordmark variations.

Exploring design from around the world is a great way to delve into the visual culture of a country and their trends. Do you feel inspired by this design roundup? Be sure to check out the work from our very own Shillington students—20 packaging designs and 14 brand identities

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